One of the many things that children love about the long summer holidays is that normal bedtime is suspended. That’s all very well, but it can be tricky getting them back into good habits at the start of a new school year. If you’re still struggling to get your kids back in to their routines since the new term has begun, here are a few ideas that might help:

Half an hour to wind down

Having a regular bedtime routine helps your child wind down and get ready to sleep. It might be as simple as a bath, drying hair, brushing teeth and then a chapter of a book. Getting back into a routine after the more casual approach during the holidays will certainly help your child prepare for the new term.

Switch off

We all know how much children love TV, computers, iPads and mobiles and it can be harder getting them away from their favourite games and programmes than prising a limpet off a rock. However, if you want your child to get to sleep on time, all those screens should be switched off an hour before bedtime or else your child might find it hard to switch off too.

Be cruel to be kind

After relaxing the discipline for a few weeks, your kids aren’t going to take too kindly to it when you start to lay the law down again. The easiest way to withstand the pleas and tantrums is to remember you’re actually doing them a favour. Your child needs a good night’s sleep to perform well at school the next day and sticking to your guns will pay dividends when your happy and energetic cherub heads off to school.

Bring back the dreaded alarm clock

Getting kids to bed in the evening isn’t going to be your only problem at the start of a new term. In case you’ve forgotten, getting them out of bed in the morning can be just as testing. The first few days back at school is going to be a real toughie, no matter what, but the alarm clock will help bring back some discipline to their morning routines.