Just because you’re heading off for your summer hols, it doesn’t mean you have to leave your environmentally-friendly ways behind. It’s not so easy if you’re staying in a hotel, but if you’re renting an apartment or a cottage or going to a camp site or a caravan park then there are many ways you can stay true to your green lifestyle. Who knows, you might even pick up the odd new habit that you can bring home with you.

Reduce: Try to buy in bulk where you can – and refill containers. Purchase only what you need so you’ll have less perishable items to deal with. Don’t use disposable dishes, cutlery or napkins.

Recycle: Keep a container outside to collect the usual recyclables. If where you’re staying doesn’t have recycling services, put everything into a bin bag and bring it home to recycle.

Compost: Compost leftover food. A composter converts food waste into organic material that can be used in the garden. If it’s your own holiday home, set up a permanent composter in the garden. Otherwise, you can freeze compost you’ve collected and bring it home.

Repair and re-use: Rather than throw things such as furniture away, repair it so you can use it again. Consider coming up with arts and craft activities for your children that find creative new uses for items that seem ready for the tip. If you’re a magazine and newspaper reader, why not share them with neighbours before you throw them into the recycling bin?

Bio-degradable: Always buy bio-degradable cleaning products, soaps and shampoos, especially if you are staying in the middle of nowhere and end up using a stream or a lake.

Litter: Whether you are walking through a forest, across fields or along a beach, never ever drop litter. Instead, take it back to a place where you can discard it properly. You’ll enjoy the beauty of nature so much more, if you stay in harmony with it.