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Sleigh the mess: Tips for home cleaning like a professional

The twinkling lights are going up, the handpicked conifer tree has ventured inside for decorating, and the scent of freshly baked gingerbread is coming from the kitchen… it’s that time of year again – Christmas!

Whilst we embrace any festive season, our homes become the heart of celebrations, and mess!

Don’t let the idea of home cleaning over Christmas fill you with dread. To help keep you on top of your Christmas cleaning, Molly Maid have put together some handy professional cleaning tips to ensure your home is ready for the festivities.

You’ll be cleaning like a professional in no time this season!

Christmas tree needles

Do you love a real Christmas tree each year, but have nightmares about clearing up the needles?

To save yourself from some unnecessary home cleaning, first think about the condition of the tree. Check the needles on your tree before you buy – if the needles come off easily then the tree isn’t freshly cut. The lighter the base where the tree was sawn, the fresher the tree!

To minimise needle dropping when you get your tree home, ensure that you keep watering your tree, and keep it away from heat and drafts.

Kitchen cleaning tips

From counter tops to kitchen floors, your kitchen space will be in constant use over the Christmas period! Molly Maid recommends the following tips for your kitchen to be spotless all season:

  • Remove unwanted germs and bacteria by giving your counter tops a good clean after preparing and cooking.
  • Give your cutlery the ultimate professional cleaning with a good polish to let them shine.
  • Sweep or vacuum your floor to collect dirt, before cleaning them with a damp mop.
  • In preparation for your culinary delights, treat yourself to a professional oven clean – our kitchen essentials deserve a little TLC sometimes, and you don’t want to affect the taste of your food!
  • Get ready for all those tasty treats by using hot soapy water to wipe the interior and exterior of your fridge.

Hanging your festive lights

We all love hanging lights up for Christmas, but our walls can often fall victim to scrapes and marks after they are removed.

Whilst it may be easy to use an adhesive like Blu Tak to attach lights to your walls, it can leave unwanted oil marks! The Molly Maid team would recommend avoiding using this kind of adhesive for your walls and opt for more wall-friendly adhesive options such as Command strip hooks to save on cleaning.

If you do have marks from any of your decorations, you can remove these with either of the following:

  • Mix a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid with warm water and rub the stain with a damp microfibre cloth – make sure the cloth is not over-saturated before you start wiping. Rub the stain until you can’t see it there anymore, then wait until the wall is completely dry to ensure the mark is removed. Repeat if necessary!
  • Use a cleaning eraser to tackle a mark or stain – make sure you read the instructions before use.
  • Hire a member of Molly Maid’s home professional cleaning team to help you tackle marks! As part of our services, we cater to individual cleaning needs.

Gift wrapping

Don’t let gift wrapping be a curse to your home cleaning regime!

Keep your wrapping paper organised by storing it in an organised fashion for easy access and to ensure your paper remains pristine for its next outing. This could be in a clear plastic box, or you could hang it up in a garment bag – whatever space you have to store wrapping paper, utilise it wisely!

 If you’re having trouble keeping wrapping paper rolls rolled up, why not reuse a couple of toilet roll middles to solve your problem! Cut a length-way slit into two paper roll middles and add to the top and bottom ends of your paper. The cardboard rolls make great sleeves, and will contain your wrapping paper from unravelling.

If you want to avoid wrapping at least one present, and fancy treating a loved one with some home professional cleaning, give the gift of clean with a Molly Maid gift voucher!

In need of a professional cleaning touch?

We know we’ve given you some handy festive cleaning tips to take your home cleaning to the next level, but if you’re too busy to perform that initial festive clean to get your home ready for family & friends, why not hire the home professional cleaning experts?

Lessen the stress by contacting the Molly Maid team today to discuss your cleaning needs.

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