You are under no contractual obligation as payment is made at each visit. We would prefer to earn your continued loyalty based on our ability to meet your needs than rely on a contractual relationship. We look to you to provide a candid review of our cleaning service and your feedback is welcomed at any time.

Your home will usually be cleaned by a team of two, fully trained, MOLLY MAID professional home cleaning services staff. For security and your peace of mind, our uniformed maids are fully covered by insurance. This insurance includes fidelity guarantee to reinforce the care that we take to recruit staff of good character. You also have no concerns about tax or national insurance.

While in your home, our maids are not permitted to eat or smoke or use any of your appliances. Our MOLLY MAID professional home cleaning services training and working practices are designed to ensure that we comply with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Our free in-home estimate allows us to better understand your domestic cleaning needs and expectations.

In addition to any special requirements that you may have requested our cleaning service includes removing cobwebs and dusting skirting boards, pictures, lampshades, knick-knacks, window sills, furniture, and light fittings and vacuuming throughout. We wipe cupboard fronts clean, wash floors, and throughly clean kitchens and bathrooms.

We normally work Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. We are unable to give a specific time on a service day, but we may be able to specify a morning or an afternoon service. However we do make every effort to meet customer preferences.
No, these are provided by our MOLLY MAID professional home cleaning staff and their usage is covered by our insurance. We are able to use our customers cleaning equipment or supplies provided that these meet health and safety requirements.
The MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner and the Route Manager who cleans your home are the only people who have access to your keys. The only identification is an individual key code number, the reference to which is always kept separate from the keys.
We ask you to spend a few minutes tidying where necessary. This will enable us to devote all our time to cleaning and will give you best value for your cleaning fee.
For a regular cleaning service, payment is made at the time of each clean. Our standard payment option is by debit or credit card – please contact the Franchise Owner to review if other payment options are available. VAT is charged on each clean and a VAT receipt can supplied on request. For a one-off or an occasional clean, a minimum of a 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking.

We contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Please give your local MOLLY MAID professional home cleaning services office a call, ideally providing them with seven working days notice, but no less than two working days notice and we will revise your cleaning programme. We will be obliged to charge you the full clean price should you not contact us.
Please call your local MOLLY MAID professional home cleaning services office, ideally providing them with seven working days notice, but no less than two working days. If less than two working days are given for a cancellation you will incur a minimum fee of 50% of the clean price.
We treat your home with the utmost care. But if something is damaged or broken we will leave a note and will contact you as soon as possible. We will make every effort to have the item replaced if it cannot be repaired.