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We can all make an important contribution in minimizing the impact on our environment from what we do as a business.  Every business is going to have a slightly different way of doing this but it’s important to take a serious look at what you do and how you do it to identify what you can do.  For Molly Maid minimising the impact of what we do centers on the cleaning of homes – we clean hundreds of thousands of homes each year in the United Kingdom.   

Cleaning homes takes more than just a bit of elbow grease which is why cleaning dirt, grime, stubborn stains and deposits, needs a bit of help from the cleaning tools and products that are used.  To do this in a way that has a lower impact on our environment, as well as the health and safety of our hundreds of cleaners, our Franchisees and the families we clean for, we use non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning products in most of the homes that we clean.  Sometimes we have to use a product that is a bit stronger to get the desired outcome that a homeowner wants, but for most of the homes we clean our cleaning products do the job.  We purchase our cleaning products in concentrate and then dilute them into reusable and recyclable plastic bottles that can be used hundreds of times.  Doing this means that we can avoid single use plastic. 

We clean with microfiber cleaning cloths instead of paper-based products which helps to reduce unnecessary waste.  Each of our cleaning teams carries with them a sufficient number of cloths to clean with so that each home they clean has a fresh set of cloths to eliminate any cross-contamination.  We use a number of different vacuums and many have HEPA-flo bags that are made from recyclable materials.  Our vacuums are regularly maintained to ensure they are working optimally and when they are damaged we always seek to repair them.  The mop heads that we use to clean floors with are regularly laundered and can be reused hundreds of times. 

We provide our teams of cleaners with a small, low emission vehicle that has a valid MOT certificate.  In some instances we use a hybrid or electric vehicle, provided it can safely and conveniently charged each day.  Teams drive in pairs and for many of them their Molly Maid vehicle is also their primary vehicle which helps to reduce the number of cars on our streets. 

By bringing all of the cleaning products, tools and equipment that we need to clean with, we are also helping our customers to reduce their impact on the environment from cleaning their own home, because they don’t need to purchase these things and moreover, having Molly Maid clean their home means that it is being cleaned in a more sustainable way.  

We’ve been in business in the UK for 40 years and in that time have learned the most efficient, effective and safest way to way to clean a home.  But we are always trying to find improvements in how we clean and what we use to clean with to continue to do our part for the environment.