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Our Shining Stars

The stories that make all the difference, our unseen heroes, who always go above and beyond with the best interest at heart of their customers. We salute their selfless gestures every single day! 

Molly Maid in Burton Upon Trent & Derby – Nicole & Hollie Hurst

Our Franchise Owners Gill & Rob Dawson staff member, Nicole and Hollie Hurst on Christmas Eve surprised some a customer with handmade Christmas Hampers. The customers warmly welcomed them, and the duo spent quality time, spreading unexpected joy. This thoughtful act, unbeknownst to Gill & Rob, exemplifies Nicole and Hollie’s commitment to customer well-being, making Gill & Rob truly proud of their team’s extra special Christmas cheer.

Molly Maid in Teesside – Andrea Dick, Lesley Hart & Tracy Rudd

Our Franchise Owners Glenn & Magali Sunman’s regular customer had left his house keys in the front door when he went out. Glenn & Magali’s staff Andrea, Lesley and Tracy had noticed this while completing their regular clean. When noticing, not only did they retrieve his keys for security purposes, but they set off to deliver them back to him, knowing if they didn’t find him, he would not be able to get back into his home. Not knowing where to initially find him, they recalled he mentioned he had to collect a prescription, and then were really pleased to track him down to one of the local chemists. Needless to say the customer was thrilled and very appreciative.

Molly Maid in Horsham & Haywards Heath – Emma Underwood & Linda Barber

Our Franchise Owner Robyne Hagan’s regular customer, Mrs. Bashford had tough two years, losing both her husband and daughter (with whom she was supposed to go on a cruise). To honour her daughter, she went on the cruise alone and postponed her regular cleaning services. When Robyne’s staff, Emma and Linda returned for the first clean after her trip, they couldn’t reach her and found a note from her hairdresser, who couldn’t get in either- worried, they contacted her son and left a message. He later informed them that she fell ill during the cruise and Mrs. Bashford expressed deep gratitude for alerting her son. Upon her return, the ladies brought flowers for her, so thoughtful and caring!

Molly Maid in Tadworth & Epsom – Kerry Noakes

Our Franchise Owner Jenny Adamthwaite’s regular customer Alice, whom the staff had grown fond of, unfortunately, she couldn’t manage at home anymore and was recently moved to a care home. Jenny’s staff Kerry noticed an on-going problem with small fruit flies due to Alice keeping food past its expiry date. Kerry always took care of this and also reported incidents like Alice disposing of her calcium tablets in the toilet to her daughter. Without mentioning the fruit flies issue to anyone, Kerry looked for a solution online and found a cocktail recipe of cider vinegar and apple juice that effectively eliminated the fruit flies within a week. Alice’s daughter was delighted with the care and assistance provided by Kerry, the Route Manager, and her team.

Molly Maid in Benfleet – Michelle Smith

Our Franchise Owner, Margaret King’s regular customers lost their dog Harvey a while ago. On a recent visit to the customer’s home Michelle, Margaret’s staff noticed some new puppy stuff and took it upon herself to leave the customer a heart warming note welcoming the puppy and sharing in the family’s excitement. The customer really appreciated the kind words from her and expressed her gratitude in an email to Margaret, whilst also sharing a picture of the new puppy. Margaret had no idea she had done this and feels really proud of what they did.

Molly Maid in Stevenage – Jade Ebsworth

Our Franchise Owner Ritu Haer had shared a few words from her regular customers about her staff Jade, praising her of the kindness, care, and respect she displayed in her work. As the customer shared “They have become a part of our lives, contributing to a home filled with a lifetime of memories and emotions. Though some objects may seem inconsequential, they hold immense sentimental value- Jade handles this mix of items with utmost kindness and care. They diligently dust everything and put it back in its rightful place, making it feel like they genuinely enjoy transforming the houses they work in into cozy homes, even if it’s just a job for them”.

Looking For Community Sponsorship Support?

We support a wide range of community projects seeking sponsorship, from youth development programmes, sporting sponsorship, to charitable organisations. Through our Franchise Owners in their local communities we are looking for countless opportunities for us to get involved and make a meaningful contribution. We believe every sponsorship, big or small, can bring about positive change and contribute to the betterment of our communities. If you’re looking for a sponsor then get in touch with our Franchise Owners in your local area.

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