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Join the brand leading the way in the UK’s £2.7billion home cleaning industry

Meet siblings Emma Lea and Dez Ward – second generation Franchise Owners of MOLLY MAID in York & Harrogate and more recently a Covid-19 business success story.  If you ask them why their business has been number one in their market for over 15 years and how they successfully navigated through the recent crisis, they may give a nod to the support they have received from MOLLY MAID Support Office, but we know it’s really down to Emma and Dez. They are passionate about the service they provide to customers and teams, and about building a successful business in this huge and growing industry.

If you have the same passion to build a successful maid service business contact us today and find out how the MOLLY MAID brand and business system can help you become the Emma and Dez of your market.

Our Story

MOLLY MAID was founded in Canada by Adrienne and Chris Stringer in the late 1970’s and from their kitchen table they started a business concept has grown to clean about 15,000 homes around the world each day. The brand was launched in the UK in 1984 by Malcolm Tall with his partner, Pam Bader, OBE, joining shortly thereafter. Pam has been a driving force behind our growth over the past thirty years. As the first female Chairwoman of the British Franchise Association she’s also been instrumental in the growth of franchising in the UK. The company is now led by Kevin Hipkins – Kevin was the long-time President of MOLLY MAID Canada and UK and in 2015 became the third owner of MOLLY MAID UK through a management buy-out.

Learn more about our history or better yet, especially to hear how we’ve successfully navigated through the COVID-19 challenges, give us a call and speak to one of our team members – we’ll be thrilled and proud to share our story and how we’re leading the way in our industry.

Four Reasons MOLLY MAID leads the home cleaning industry

  1. 1

    The MOLLY MAID Brand

    Most people in the UK can’t remember how or when they heard of MOLLY MAID, they just know it. It might be the hundreds of cars we have across the country or our instantly identifiable pink and blue colours. We are so fortunate that so many people know about us and what we do – it’s why we received just shy of 60,000 home cleaning requests in 2019. MOLLY MAID is hands down the most well-known and searched company in the home cleaning industry. That’s a bold statement to make which is why each year we ask You Gov to help us find out how well known our brand is compared to others in our industry. If you’re really interested in the results of this research, then come visit us in our Maidenhead office and we’ll gladly share the findings with you.

  2. 2

    Support from a Franchisor focused on your success

    Whether you are a new Franchise Owner finding your way, at a key stage of growth or one of our largest operators, support is always available to help you navigate through every aspect of your business. Coaching and guidance is on tap to help you across all areas of the business from recruiting and developing staff to marketing your business to generate the demand you need to achieve your targets, but also to listen and just be there when you face unexpected challenges. This support has never been more important than during the recent pandemic.  Don’t take our word for it though, click here to read some of what our Franchise Owners have told us about the support they have received to help them successfully get through this crisis.

  3. 3

    30-Years of Experience and millions of home cleanings

    How many millions? We’ve done the maths and in the UK alone as of the end of 2019 we’ve performed 6,341,631 home cleanings (plus or minus a few). World-wide, MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners in Canada, the United States, Portugal and Japan have performed over 60 million cleans in the past thirty-five years. Naturally, we’ve learned a thing or two along the way about cleaning and what it takes to create and run a successful business. It’s called the MOLLY MAID System and it works – it works really well. But don’t just take our word for it ask some of our Franchise Owners because if you are making a life changing decision like running your own business, your thorough research should include speaking with them.


  4. 4

    A passion for your success

    Like Emma and Dez our success is as much down to our passion as it is the MOLLY MAID brand and business system. Our passion is helping you develop a successful resilient business in this huge and growing market. Where does this passion come from? Probably from our founders who instilled in us their burning desire to make MOLLY MAID the most well-known and successful brand in the industry. This passion is the basis for everything that we do – the investments we make in our business systems, the programmes available to Franchise Owners, being there whenever we’re needed, to help them grow their business as well as our national events where we celebrate your success. It might sound cliché, but we really do love what we do.

Getting Started – What’s Next?

Whether you want to start a new MOLLY MAID business or purchase an existing one, we work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful start for your new business.  We call it the ‘Right Start’ and it’s made up of three phases; Pre-Training, Training Week and Launch.  We will share more about each of these phases when we talk or meet with you, but at this stage what most potential partners ask us is ‘what’s next?’

This really is the most important question for you to ask. Business ownership is a big step so take some time to learn more about us and the market to be certain you want to commit your time and money into a MOLLY MAID business. We are a premium brand with a 97% repeat business model probably because of our customer first approach to business or to put it another way; our care for our customers.

There are a few things we look for in a new business partner. First and foremost is a passion to achieve success in the domestic cleaning industry (just like Emma and Dez and ourselves). People skills are important too, as are organisation skills. Some of our partners have even confessed to an obsession (healthy of course) with cleaning. This isn’t a firm requirement but if you can’t walk by a mirror without looking for streaks or leave unattended tea stains on your kitchen counter top, you’re the person we are looking for.

By providing us with your name and phone number you can immediately download our detailed information package. It’s a good start to help you learn more about our history, brands that have partnered with MOLLY MAID on national marketing campaigns, profiles of some of our franchise owners and financial projections (taken from actual Franchise Owners

Fix a date to visit our offices for a face-to-face meeting. Meetings are arranged around your schedule and can take as little or as long as you want. We are located in Maidenhead which is conveniently located just off the M4 about 20 minutes west of Heathrow Airport. Sometimes new partners meet us at one of our Franchise meetings which usually happen at various locations in the north and south in the spring and autumn – check with Aaron Watson about this. You might also want to meet us at our company owned location in Edinburgh

Our Partners

Though our partners (Franchise Owners) come from all walks of life they have a few things in common.

  1. They want to take charge of their career – be their own boss.
  2. They want to make money.
  3. They want the support from us to help them achieve more success than they would on their own.

We’ve asked a few of our new and experienced partners to share something personal with you about their decision to join MOLLY MAID – their words, not ours.

Click on a name to see what they say


Location: MOLLY MAID Nantwich

Date Started: April 2017

How is MOLLY MAID helping you establish your business?

The initial and ongoing support I receive from MOLLY MAID is invaluable. From the initial training week up until now, my Business Advisor regularly calls me to see how things are going and is always available to help, if and when required. There is a lot to learn but their training style makes the experience a lot less daunting than it first seems. You are instantly made to feel part of the MOLLY MAID family.

"You are instantly made to feel part of the MOLLY MAID family."


Date Started: October 2008

Why did you want to start a MOLLY MAID franchise?

My wife and I wanted to start a Franchise in order to take control of our destiny. So in my early 40’s we thought it was time to commit to a venture where if we succeeded it was down to us. The greater the success, the more we’d reap the potential reward. Cleaning was chosen due to the demand always being there and MOLLY MAID gave us the benefit of a tried and tested model.

"MOLLY MAID gave us the support and confidence in the early days to launch well and grow quickly. JUST KEEP FOLLOWING THE SYSTEM."
Vas Vijaykumar & Nadeem


Date Started: October 2017

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting their own franchise?

Research well, it is not about what looks great on paper, but what is the right cultural fit that aligns with your ambitions. Take time, ask as many questions as possible and take MOLLY MAID’S advice on spending time with existing franchisees. Once we were convinced it was the right franchise there was no looking back.

"I can confidently say we invested our money in the right Franchise."


Date Started: November 2005

What made you chose MOLLY MAID?

I chose MOLLY MAID due to their professionalism, from the initial phone conversation, to meeting the team at their offices, I knew they were the right company for me! I can accredit the growth of my business by not deviating from the MOLLY MAID system along with the support of my Business Advisors over the years. The care and recognition I receive from Support Office when I achieve growth and hit my milestones is another reason why MOLLY MAID is the right Franchise for me.

"I can accredit the growth of my business by not deviating from the MOLLY MAID system along with the support of my Business Advisors over the years."


The combination of our long history and leading brand opens the doors to potential customers as well as banks. We have long standing, well established relationships with the largest financial institutions. Financing is available through our financial partners who include Hitachi Franchise Finance and several of the High Street banks.

We help you prepare your business plan, including all the financial information banks need to see. The information is based on actual results achieved by our Franchise Owners to give you and the banks a real indication of the costs needed for starting a MOLLY MAID business. You now probably want to know more, you’ll find detailed information in our FAQs section.

Available Areas

There are over 120 new areas available in the UK as well as several resale opportunities. Our demographic mapping software allows us to adjust the boundaries of any new area based on where you live or your knowledge of the market. It’s not uncommon for one of our hundreds of cars to be driving through your village, town or city so don’t think that seeing one means your area is already covered. Call or send us an email with the area you are interested in and we can quickly determine if it is available or if there is something close by.

Whether you’re opening a MOLLY MAID in a brand-new area or buying an existing business, you’ll get full training on our business system, a dedicated Business Advisor to help you every step of the way and the full support from all our Franchise Owners. And of course, access into the largest and most known brand within the home cleaning industry.

Start-up Opportunities:

  1. 1

    Start-up Opportunities:

    An exciting and challenging opportunity where you get to launch MOLLY MAID in a new area, recruit your own maids and reach a new customer base. Starting a business from scratch is a lot of hard work but it will be very rewarding to watch your business and number of teams grow.

    People starting a new business benefit from the following:

    • Exclusive territory with a minimum of 12,000 potential customers
    • Access to the most recognised brand in the home cleaning industry
    • An established website generating 60,000 enquiries annually
    • Dedicated support from one of our specially trained and talented Business Advisors who will help you launch your business and then work closely with you throughout the life of your Franchise
  2. 2

    Re-sale opportunities:

    There are always a few Franchise Owners who are interested in selling their business. Some are ready to retire or want to use their experience to launch another business, but in all instances, they want to benefit from all their hard work and receive a sizeable return on their investment.

    Purchasing an existing MOLLY MAID Franchise allows you to hit the ground running because you already have a strongly established brand within your territory, an existing customer base meaning you’ll have immediate income and finally a fully trained and operational team of maids.

    Exciting and challenging, re-sale opportunities allow you to put your mark and further develop an operational and successful business and grow it into your own.

    Other benefits of purchasing an existing MOLLY MAID business include:

    • Established sales from an existing customer base
    • Profits derived from those sales
    • An exclusive area with high brand awareness of the most recognised brand in home cleaning
    • As with a start-up business you will also benefit from, an established website and full support from a dedicated Business Advisor



Our Awards

We’re very proud to be recognised with many accolades by some of the most highly regarded organisations within the UK Franchising sector. They’re a tribute to the relationship we have with our Franchise Owners and their success in delivering outstanding service to our customers.



Elite Franchise Magazine annual Top 100 ranks the leading Franchises within the UK. Competing with brands such as McDonalds, we’re proud to be ranked 11 in the 2020 list and the highest of all home cleaning franchises entered by a margin Read our full coverage here.



We’re proud to be shortlisted for The Best Franchise Awards 2020 and winning the 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award. This award is based on feedback submitted directly by all our Franchise Owners and achieving above average ratings on all areas of Franchisee support and satisfaction.


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Download our information pack for more details
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