When you open the door to your home after a long day at work, smell is often the first sense that’s activated.

Even the cleanest home can succumb to a barrage of odour-bombs like sweaty trainers, cooked cauliflower and unwashed dog. Sure, you can load your home with fragrance-releasing plug-ins and scented candles, but these options tend to be expensive, and typically fill your home with chemical copies of the scents we love. Let’s consider a few ways that you can make your home smell amazing, with fewer chemicals, less cost and less hassle.

Essential oil toilet roll tube

This brilliant trick is cheap, quick and easy – especially if you already have some essential oils in the house. When you replace a loo roll, dab a few drops of essential oil inside the cardboard tube. Take care to avoid getting oil on the toilet paper as this could irritate the skin. This simple addition will release the subtle scent of your favourite essential oil over the coming days, helping to mask less welcome toilet odours. Say no more.

Eucalyptus tied around shower head

We’re definitely trying this one. All you need is a bunch of eucalyptus sprigs and some garden twine (any string will do). Tie the bunch of eucalyptus around the shower head. The action of the steam and mist will release the cleansing aroma of eucalyptus as you shower. The eucalyptus does not need to be in the direct stream from the shower head to work.

Cinnamon sticks around a candle

A simple way to supercharge an ordinary candle. Tie cinnamon sticks around a candle. As the candle warms the cinnamon, the fragrance fills the room. You can use decorative (non-food) cinnamon sticks for this. Make sure that the cinnamon sticks never get close to the candle flame, and never leave the candle unattended.

Tea lights in coffee beans

Place tea lights in containers on a bed of coffee beans. You can also use scented candles to complement the coffee fragrance.