Car Wash
Getting the children to help with household chores, like cleaning your car, not only keeps them occupied, but also teaches them a valuable lesson in responsibility that is all part of growing up.

Unfortunately, the first time or two that they clean the car, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty too. Particularly with younger children, you can find that your vehicle will end up with more ugly smears than it started with if you’re not careful. That’s why it will be well worth your while if you and the kids get the shammy leathers out together so you can show them, first hand, the right ways and the wrong ways to do the job.

Anything that makes a household chore a little more interesting is bound to capture a youngster’s imagination and have them coming back for more. We’ve got a couple of quirky tips for cleaning the car that are guaranteed to keep young minds focused on the job at hand.

How about using a hair conditioner with lanolin to give the paintwork that extra sparkle? Like you, your child is likely to be very cynical at first, but once they’ve seen that it really does work, they won’t be able to wait to tell their friends about it. Not only does the conditioner bring up a lovely shine, but you’ll also find that it helps the paintwork to repel rain.

Better still, can you imagine the glee of your little one as you start to pour fizzy cola all over the windscreen? This will do a great job of getting rid of irritating smears and blotches. Make sure you stretch a long towel along the bottom of the windscreen to protect the paintwork on the bonnet. Then look on in amazement with your children, as the bubbles in the cola really go to work on the grime. Whatever you do, don’t forget to wash the sticky cola off afterwards or your windscreen will end up becoming a magnet for dust and dirt, not to mention pesky wasps.