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Dirty Brits are missing out on an altogether different kind of filth thanks to their unsavoury hygiene habits.  A massive 64% of British singletons would shelve a second date with a potential partner if their house was a den of dirt.

In a national survey conducted by MOLLY MAID, the UK’s leading domestic cleaning company, a whopping 63% of women judge others on the cleanliness of their homes with 38% of them equating untidiness to laziness and 20% to poor personal hygiene.

A staggering 74% of people wouldn’t go to a friend’s home for dinner if they knew the kitchen was always dirty or messy with half of those worrying that they might catch something from any germs lurking if they did and 46% of them concerned that they would be given dirty plates or cutlery but wouldn’t want to seem rude by saying something about it.

Surprisingly, almost half of all men have gossiped about the state of a friend’s home, joking that they tripped over all the mess, compared to 35% of women who have talked behind a friend’s back about their grubby home.

31% of people wouldn’t let their children play round a dirty house and of the parents that would, 21% would give the kids anti-bacterial wipes to clean themselves up while visiting.

Pam Bader OBE, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID said; “Just because people work longer hours and have less time on their hands to do daily chores doesn’t mean that others are any less forgiving when it comes to judging the state of your home.”

“Being house-proud is a really important quality to have and even if someone has a fantastic career, amazing personality or a nice smile, a dirty house is a massive no-no! Sometimes it’s good to get a helping hand from professional cleaners to come home to a lovely clean and comfortable environment not only for yourself but for visitors to relax in too.”

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