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Solutions to 3 Christmas disasters

It’s Christmas day. What’s the worst that could happen? A snow storm? Your oven breaks? Or you forget to buy a gift. Fingers crossed you have a perfect day, but just in case, here are our tips for helping you get through any of those potential disasters!


  • If you know that a snow or ice storm is on its way ahead of time, put a magnet (about the size of a fifty pence piece – you can purchase these at a craft store or DIY stores) over the top of the door lock. It will prevent moisture from entering the lock and freezing, which causes frozen door locks.
  • Brush off any snow covering the ice with a brush or broom. (But not with a snow shovel as it will scratch paint.)
  • Start the car and let it warm up with the heater and defrosters on. Turn on headlights too – the heat from the bulbs will help to soften the ice.
  • Spray a light coating of a vinegar/water solution on the front window (3 parts vinegar/1 part water in a spray bottle). Vinegar is mildly acidic and will eat away at the ice. Don’t use too much though as you don’t want it to effect the surface of the windshield.


  • If you have a small bird to cook, consider barbecuing it or cooking it pot-roast style on the hob.
  • If you definitely need the oven, consider switching gears – and thawing something else that you can grill.
  • Move the entire dinner to a close friend or family member’s house (that’s what family is for) – and use their oven.
  • Can you order take-away?


  • Wine and/or chocolate always make a great last minute present. Try to keep extra on hand. If needs be, supplement with a holiday plant.
  • Not every shop is closed during the holidays. Gift cards are sold in variety of shops now – and make a great gift too.
  • Download a MOLLY MAID Gift Voucher to give someone the precious gift of time.