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The Leader in the Domestic Cleaning Industry

National research recently conducted by leading research firm YouGov has confirmed that MOLLY MAID is the most well-known brand in the £2.7 billion and growing domestic cleaning industry.   These results came as no surprise to MOLLY MAID CEO Pam Bader, OBE; “MOLLY MAID has been in the UK for over 30 years so it isn’t that surprising that we are the most well-known brand in the market but what was surprising is just how much more UK consumers know of MOLLY MAID compared to others in our industry.  The MOLLY MAID brand awareness is more than double the next most well-known in the industry and most of our competitors are known by 1% or less of the population.”

YouGov was commissioned by MOLLY MAID to identify both prompted and unprompted awareness of several brands in the domestic cleaning industry, with the research being conducted in early March 2017.  Among the highlights;

  • Unprompted awareness of the MOLLY MAID brand was five times greater than their nearest competitor and highest with those who are working full time.
  • Prompted awareness of the MOLLY MAID brand was highest with women at 23% and in the East of England at 27%.
  • 10% of UK households pay to have their home cleaned with an average total expenditure of £1,023 per year.  This equates to an industry size of approximately £2.76 billion annually (other estimates have projected the size of the industry to be as high as £4 billion).

Brand awareness is one of the most important factors when deciding which Franchise to invest in.  Having a strong, well-known brand not only enhances your credibility in the marketplace but also reduces the cost of building a customer base.  Research shows that as many as 60% of customers buy from brands they are familiar with.

If you are interested in building a successful business with most well-known brand in the domestic cleaning industry, contact Aaron Watson, on 0800 500950 or email him at