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Let Franchising Help Your Heart Rule Your Head!

After 12 years at Molly Maid leading our UK expansion, I have spoken with hundreds of individuals considering moving from the security and perhaps even constraints of employment (on their income, their ability to make decisions or more control over their time), for the freedom and excitement of becoming their own boss. They often face a battle between heart and head, their heart telling them what a fantastic opportunity owning a business provides, versus their head warning them of the risks.  

In my experience once they research franchising as a route to business ownership instead of starting a business on their own, the heart usually winsWhy might you ask? Well joining a franchise reduces risk, it provides an established, recognisable brand, a proven business model and a wealth of supportall of which creates faster and more sustained growth than going it on their ownIf you speak to any franchise owners who joined Molly Maid over the years, I am confident they would offer one or all those reasons for giving them the confidence to take the leap and join usWith many people unfortunately now facing uncertainty in their jobs or the immediate prospect of redundancy in the coming months, or even just wanting to take charge of their own future, really can’t recommend the franchising route enough.   

There are a lot of questions I get asked about when it comes to Molly Maid but by far the most important one is about attracting new customers.  After all, without customers you don’t have any revenue!  As you might imagine in a global health crisis, anything to do with cleaning and sanitising is a natual growth industry but more importantly is how well-known the brand is to potential customers.  People always turn more to familiar faces than those they don’t know.  So, asking any franchise you are thinking about joining to share how familiar customers are with their company, as well as competitors, will give you a great idea about how successful you will be in attracting new customers.  It also helps to balance the decision you are making with your heart with some hard and fast data. 

For more information about Molly Maid and especially our brand awareness in the industry compared to others, you can call me or visit For more information on franchising, you can visit the British Franchise Association,