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– Study finds property value affected when homes aren’t kept clean and well maintained

With the property market booming and house prices continuing to steadily rise in the UK, more and more Britons are looking to buy or sell their homes in 2014. Many areas of the country are experiencing a significant increase in demand for properties; however recent research has shown that we are not making the most of our selling power when putting our home on the market. The survey revealed that not cleaning your property thoroughly or keeping it well maintained could have a negative effect on its potential value. It also demonstrated that first impressions – from an estate agent valuation, to placing an advert, and opening up your home for viewings – are as important as ever for generating interest from prospective buyers.

A study of 2,000 British adults conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by MOLLY MAID, the UK’s leading professional cleaning service, found that 69% of people surveyed were more inclined to show interest or make an offer on a property that looked clean and tidy in the property’s advertising images and during viewing appointments.

Similarly, upon completion of a sale and being handed the keys, the majority of housebuyers (83%) would expect to find their new property spotless and thoroughly cleaned on moving day. Surprisingly, however, more than one in five Britons (21%) admits that they didn’t clean their property at all before they moved out, leaving additional work and hassle for the new homeowners.

With estate agents holding the key to the valuation of a property, many vendors could also lose out on securing the right price for their house even before putting it on the market, due to poor cleanliness and maintenance.

Russell Jervis, Managing Director of haart, the UK’s largest independent estate agents, commented:”First impressions count – including when agents call in to make a valuation. Your home will attract a higher price, possibly many thousands of pounds more, if we can see it is in really good order. We can’t assume you’ll make the time later to fix things up.”

Pam Bader, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID, said of the findings:”While it may seem common sense to properly clean and prepare a house prior to putting it on the market, the statistics show that many people don’t. Time pressures and the temptation to save money for cleaning and decorating a new home instead, mean that properties are often neglected prior to sale and don’t reach their full value potential.

“Spending a few hours on a thorough spring clean and basic maintenance jobs such as touching up paintwork or securing loose fixings can really make a difference. Ensuring your property is in the best possible condition at every step of the process from valuation to viewing will help to make it stand out from the crowd and achieve its maximum possible selling price.”


*Data collected by OnePoll on 10 March 2014 from a survey of 2,000 participants

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Notes to editors:

MOLLY MAID is one of the world’s largest professional domestic cleaning services, carrying out 1.8 million home cleans every year worldwide. Initially founded in Canada in 1979, MOLLY MAID currently trades in Canada, USA, Japan, Portugal, and the UK.

MOLLY MAID offers a 100 per cent guaranteed, flexible and affordable domestic cleaning service. Staff are fully insured, work in teams of two and arrive in MOLLY MAID branded cars, bringing with them all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies.

MOLLY MAID came to the UK in 1984 and has grown from a standing start to 68 Franchise Owners nationwide and a current annual turnover of over £16.5 million in 2013, from over a quarter of a million cleans.