MOLLY MAID cleaning service is unlike most other domestic cleaning companies because we do not work to an hourly rate; we tailor the service and price to individual needs, following a free, no obligation in-home estimate.
A MOLLY MAID professional will spend time with you in your home, visiting each room that needs to be cleaned. Your specific needs will be detailed with specific attention paid to any areas of concern.

At the end of the estimate, we will provide you with a price based on the information you have given to us.

All of the information will be captured in writing, and you will be given a copy.

An average home visit to do an estimate usually lasts about 20 to 25 minutes. However, this can vary depending on the size and type of property.
We take a number of factors into consideration; for example, what is the size of the property, what cleaning is required and where is the property?

The focus is always on offering you value for money whilst ensuring MOLLY MAID home cleaning professionals carry out the clean to your full satisfaction.

The time our professional cleaners need to clean your home will depend on what type of service you require. You could decide you want a regular clean, a one-off clean, or a deep clean – each one will take a different amount of time.

Regular cleans: The time it takes to do a regular clean varies on the condition of the house when we arrive. MOLLY MAID would charge an initial price to allow the fully-trained staff to bring the property up to standard; we would then offer a regular price to maintain the clean, depending on the frequency (weekly, alternate weekly, monthly, etc.)

One-off cleans:
MOLLY MAID will offer a fixed price for a one-off clean. The time it takes to clean your home will depend upon the amount of cleaning you need.

Deep Cleans: Performing a deep clean can be time consuming as this type of clean is usually required if the home has not been cleaned for some time.