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Building our Community Together


At Molly Maid we always want to give back to our local communities in an effort to create positive and meaningful connections, and bring local people and businesses even closer together. Our Community Heroes are our Franchise Owners and hundreds of cleaning professionals they employ, who tirelessly work to create really meaningful relationships to make a big difference in our communities – forging a family-like environment where we can truly support each other. 

Community Sponsorship

Our sponsorship engagement isn’t just about financial support, but also about building relationships and sharing resources. Our goal is to facilitate these connections and help build a sense of belonging and empowerment within our communities.

Our Shining Stars

Our Franchise Owners along with their staff provide a service which helps families gain a peace of mind knowing that their home will be cleaned by people who care. They always go the extra mile to give additional care and support to our customers- we take great pride in recognising their effort and truly being heroes in the communities they serve.  

Looking For Community Sponsorship Support?

We support a wide range of community projects seeking sponsorship, from youth development programmes, sporting sponsorship, to charitable organisations- through our Franchise Owners in their local communities, we are looking for countless opportunities for us to get involved and make a meaningful contribution. We believe every sponsorship, big or small, can bring about positive change and contribute to the betterment of our communities.

If you’re looking for a sponsor then get in touch with our Franchise Owners in your local area.

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