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I am here – now

Janice, our Senior Business Advisor and a certified Reiki Master & Cognitive Hypnotherapist shares her thoughts on how to focus on the here and now. Which is possibly a message we all need at the start of a new week.

We have said goodbye to 2020 – which is one of the strangest years I have ever encountered.  2021 arrived without fanfare – just another lockdown!  The lockdown is with us for a good reason but it is draining and nobody can say when it will end.

This feels very different from the first time we were hit by the pandemic – we have more information on how the virus works, we are quick at identifying new variants of the virus and we have the vaccine.  We can feel confident that the big issues that affect us all are being taken care of – so let’s look at some of the positive things we can do to cope with some of our individual issues.  Its important to remember as well – it is not being selfish just to think about ourselves for a while – its an important part of coping!

Wonder at Nature – nature just carries on as it always has.  It has no regard for a pandemic.  The weather plays a big part in our mood and can be especially difficult at this time of year.  Circumstances of where you live will have some bearing on what you can do – but if you can get out for a walk – get out.  If you are unable to get out – what can you see from your window?  If your view is a bit dull perhaps invest in a bird feeder that you can attach to the window and notice the birds that start to visit.  Perhaps join the RSPB Big Bird Watch next weekend (29 – 31st January). 

Soak up good news – limit what you read on Social media – reduce the amount of news bulletins you watch – Search out ‘good news’ – there are some wonderful stories that focus on the good things happening and people who are making them happen.

Keep yourself occupied – perhaps start a new hobby (YouTube is a great source of inspiration and learning).  Find something you enjoy, something you really look forward to.  It could be anything from jigsaw puzzles, colouring, knitting, crocheting, running, cycling (socially distancing of course) it will help to keep your mind focussed and your brain busy.

Get enough Sleep – this can be hard when you are feeling anxious.  I often wake up at around 4 o’clock in the morning with my mind going into overdrive.  A trick that works for me is I start to count backwards from 100……….. if the counting is interrupted by my busy mind – I start counting again from 100.  I’m pretty sure I have never gone past 70 before I fall asleep again.

Acknowledge your Feelings – your feelings are what they are at this moment in time – but know that they will change.  Acknowledge how you are feeling (sad, angry, happy, joyful) but like everything the feeling is just how it is ‘now’.

Be in the here and now – we can’t change the past and we don’t know what the future holds – so just try and focus on the here and now.  There are many online sessions or classes that can help you with this type of exercise – meditation, mindfulness.  Take a look and see if anything suits you and then spend some time just thinking about yourself.

You don’t have to go through this alone – reach out to others whether it is to ask for help or to actually offer help.  Remember we are all in this together.