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How to combat tumble dryer smell

The reality of what I google as an adult is far from what my 20 year old self imagined. I envisioned my 38 year old self would google exciting phrases like “best restaurants in Positano” or “private villa in the Maldives”. Instead, the reality is that my evenings are spent googling things like “Christmas bin collection timetable in my borough”, “how old is Chris Whitty” and “Why does my tumble dryer smell?”

With all of us at home, we are somehow going through an enormous amount of clothes, towels, and bed linen. Amplified by the fact that we are also changing our sheets and towels much more frequently. However, this does mean that my tumble dryer is working nonstop which has caused an odd smell to develop.

Here are my 4 key tips to help rid your tumble dryer of any unpleasant odours.

  1. First remove any lint trap from your dryer, if needed use your vacuum hose attachment and vacuum all the remaining lint, paying close attention to the gasket around the edges.
  2. Wash the lint trap under warm water and clean using a soft brush to remove any trapped lint- make sure it dries completely before replacing back in the dryer.  
  3. Use vinegar to clean and deodorise – using a clean cloth, dip it in some distilled white vinegar until sufficiently damp and clean the inside of your dryer. Wipe it well and make sure not to miss any areas including the door, and the area under the rubber in the door seal. Leave the door open and allow it to air dry.
  4. Prevention is always better so it’s important to allow your dryer to air properly on a regular basis. And even though I am guilty of this – never leave damp laundry inside your dryer and finally clean the lint trap before each use.