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Items in your Kitchen you should be cleaning

Since lockdown, our kitchen has suddenly become my husband’s most frequented room in the house for his scheduled snack timed at 15 minute intervals. The kids play, eat and practically spend all waking hours in the kitchen as it leads straight to the garden. But possibily most paramount is that since 23rd March, my kitchen is producing three meals and two snacks every singleday,  seven days a week. To make it really clear, that’s 255 meals and 170 snacks over the past 85 days. It’s true, I’ve done the maths.

So if like me, your kitchen is seeing a lot more action than usual, you need to read this post where I share four items that usually get missed when cleaning the kitchen.

  1. Can opener – I used to be guilty of this but it makes sense. The can opener constantly comes into contact with the food product inside, but then its simply placed back in the drawer. I dont want to add scary stats of how many germs are on a can opener – it’s a lot. So let’s just make it a habit of either placing it in the dishwasher or handwashing in warm soapy water paying attention to area around the cutting blade and gears after each use.
  2. Salt and pepper shakers – Thinking about it, I use them when cooking (all types of dishes, chicken, meat, fish), I use it during meals and the odd use in between. They pick up plenty of stuff and I used to only pay attention to them when refilling when they run low, but hardly wiping them down. I’ve started emptying them once a week, putting it in dishwasher (wait until completely dry to prevent clumping) then restock with salt and pepper.
  3. Knife block – it’s probably something that never gets cleaned, I know I never do. But it picks up dust and all sort of stuff . If wood then spray with an appropriate cleaner and wipe down. Otherwise, wash with soapy water, top tip you can use a hair dryer to dry out the blade holes.
  4. The refrigerator – as we’re not eating out, there’s a lot more grocerries coming into the house. I have made it a habit to completely empty the refrigerator, clean with soapy water and wipe clean including veggies and meat drawers and place every back in with each shop. I also wipe down the door, and the rubber inside.
  5. Sink and drain – You use your sink to wash your hands during food prep, clean produce, drain meat juices from packaging, wash your dishes, and so much more. That’s why it’s important to wipe it down regularly with hot soapy water to keep it clear of food particles. Then once every week or two, pour a cup of baking soda down the drain before filling the basin with vinegar. When it’s time to drain the vinegar, it will mix with the baking soda and bubble up to help clear debris from the drain and neutralize bad smells.