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Top 5 Tips to Clean your Loft

I’ve been putting this one off.

I’ve thought about it, mentally planned it, bought the necessary equipment and on the planned day came up with a million excuses why it that day just wasn’t the right day. Legitimate reasons such as it was raining a little too much and we must put on our wellies and jump in muddy puddles for the kids, it was too windy, too sunny, not sunny enough.

You get the drift. But this weekend, was the weekend I finally did it. I cleaned the loft. Oh it feels good to say it out loud and in past tense.

Now I must start by saying – the key for this one is to be mentally prepared to enter your loft and spend a whole day (or two in my case).

So here are my top 5 key tips for anyone thinking of taking on a similar feat.

  1. Be ready for dust – in my case a lot of dust. I went in dressed for battle with cloves and a mask on so I don’t breathe in all that dust and I shifted things around.
  2. Be ruthless – with the tips now open, anything that’s up there, chances are they are up here for a reason and you probably don’t have room for it in the rest of your home, so get rid of it. I followed the simple Keep, chuck and pass on to family/friend method when going through our stuff
  3. Be realistic – this is a weekend job. So I had divided the loft into sections and only focused on that section for the morning/ afternoon of each day. That way I didn’t feel overwhelmed and that I  accomplished what I set out to do.  
  4. Get everyone involved. This is not a one person job. While we cant all be up there, my husband was responsible for moving boxes down, kids enjoyed policing the piles into keep/throw and it was truly a team effort.
  5. Set new rules to prevent it turning a dumping ground again. When cleaning, I created different areas to store things so that I know where everything belongs and it doesn’t turn into the mess it was.

Finally, make sure you have gin. It’s the perfect reward for a hard day’s work