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Acknowledging Your Feelings

Janice, our Senior Business Advisor and a certified Reiki Master & Cognitive Hypnotherapist shares her thoughts that it’s OK not to be OK.

Another week into lock down and like many others emotions seem to be on a see-saw – one minute feeling very positive the next – we’re doomed!

Fluctuating emotions are perfectly natural and sometimes we are too harsh on ourselves if we are not continually smiling and feeling positive and upbeat.  Its OK to feel down sometimes.  For someone like me who does not cope well with change – the effect COVID19 is having on our lives is BIG.

During times of change or worry it is important to recognise when we are feeling a little despondent, acknowledge that feeling, sit with that feeling for a while and then start to think about how can we shift our mood.  Everywhere you look (on TV, the Internet etc.) there are numerous self help videos, suggestions on what we should be doing to ‘keep going’. 

However, one size does not fit all and we are the best judge of how we can lift our spirits.  For me – playing with my dog is a great joy, crocheting (producing something that ends up being reasonably useable), reading and listening to music.  Writing things down in my journal.

Journaling – which is different to writing a diary – is a great way to acknowledge your emotions.  Just write down everything you feel.  It doesn’t have to make sense as its just for you.  Be honest – nobody else is going to read it so if someone is making you happy (or sad) write down what it is they are doing that brings out that emotion.  Get used to understanding how you are feeling – for most there are little trigger points that indicate our emotions (for me – if I am a little down its chocolate – if I am happy its chocolate 😊)  Make a note of the things you do that lift your moods as well.

You don’t have to buy a ‘special journal’ (unless of course you want to).  Any notebook will do or type something up on the computer.  You could also voice record your feelings if that is more comfortable.  Draw pictures instead of writing words.  Your choice!

Sometimes when you are in the middle of ‘down’ time you can’t always see the wood for the trees so by keeping a journal you have your own personal ‘self help’ tool which you can read back and know ‘when I felt like this last time I did…………….. to help me’.

“No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side”  (Unknown)