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How Quickly we Adapt…

This week’s guest post is compiled by our Senior Business Advisor Janice Tidy. Aside from her work in helping set up and establish new MOLLY MAID franchsies across the UK. Janice is a certified Reiki Master & Cognitive Hypnotherapist and has given many seminars on mindfullness. She’s written a blog post here on the power of positivity.

Human beings are amazing!  We have the ability to adapt to our surroundings and environment with amazing speed.  Its week 4 of lockdown and you can see and feel the change. You only have to watch the TV to see how the advertisers have adapted their adverts – its all about family, friends, staying safe and looking after each other (right down to McCain Oven Chips).Its frightening times for us all – our lives are changing and the way we live will probably never be the same again – but I believe this will be a positive change.  As my late mum used to say ‘if you can’t do anything without good grace, don’t do it at all’.  This seems to be how we are now living.

  • Further apart – but closer together – its hard not to be able to cuddle our loved ones but we make more effort to communicate and send virtual hugs
  • Kindness is free – I think most of us are overwhelmed by the kindness complete strangers are showing – like the gentleman who was shopping in the supermarket and bought bottles of water for all the other customers queueing outside the store
  • Vulnerable people – communities coming together to ensure the vulnerable and elderly are cared for
  • NHS and others – the selflessness of all the staff, carers and others looking after us in these scarey times.  We are one of the luckiest Countries in the World to have such a wonderful institution.
  • Individuals – all of us – changing the way we live to protect ourselves and others.  Not always easy – sometimes incredibly frustrating – but done with love

This situation is temporary and we sometimes have to dig deep to get through it so we need to make sure we look after ourselves to maintain the strength to look after others. Will our lives ever be the same the again – probably not.  Will they change for the better – I believe they will – we will come out of this with stronger communities, a different view of what is important in our lives and more kindness to go around!