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Day 9 – Spring Clean the Master Bedroom

Day nine million three hundred and thirty two of the world ending. Of course, the world isn’t ending. For a start I refuse to believe that the apocalypse would be so tedious. I expect literal moving mountains and second comings and hell on fire. And most certainly not sanitisers, Netflix, home learning and celebs dancing awkwardly on Tiktok.

Now that we’ve established that the world is in fact not ending, what is it? To be exact, it’s Wednesday in week two of lockdown. The novelty of us all spending ‘quality time’ together has most definitely worn off.  Hump days are hard in general, but boy is it tough when there isn’t an out.

To escape, I decided to tackle my bedroom today. This may sound odd, but it has just the right mix of cleaning, organising and tidying that keeps your mind busy. And it’s so pretty now…

Here are my top tips to tackling your bedroom:

1-      Wash the pillows. Now to be honest this is the first time I’ve done this, but these unprecedented times and a new fear of all germs means that I went down an online rabbit whole of how to wash pillows last night. And this morning I did this. For my feather down pillows a filled a large plastic container and hand washed them with warm soapy water. I then placed them in the garden to dry. For my husband’s cotton pillows, I simply washed them in the washing machine.

2-      Clean and vacuum the mattress and headboard. I vacuumed the surface of the mattress first to get rid of any dust or dirt. Make sure to vacuum the crevices, edges and corners as that’s where dust usually accumulates Again dishwashing soap for the win. I took a small bowl filled with a few drops of dishwashing soap and cold water and spot cleaned any stains on my mattress. For stubborn stains, I added a small amount of baking soda onto the stain an let it sit for a few minutes before washing with a damp sponge. If you have a upholstered headboard don’t forget to do the same on it as well.

3-      Declutter – it’s got to be done. And while I didn’t do a complete wardrobe rotation today. I did go through my dressing table. And organised all my toiletries, makeup but more importantly I went through my accessories, colour coordinated them and placed them in this which I had got off Amazon a couple of months ago.

4-      Obviously, don’t forget to clean and disinfect the light switches, door handles, wardrobe fronts, window handles and anything you else you commonly touch.