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Day 7 of The Stay Home Diaries – Be kind to yourself

It’s Monday. We’ve completed one week of lockdown. Woohoo.

How was everyone’s weekend? No different than the week I imagine. Which is why you can appreciate my confusion when people on Friday were signing off their emails with ‘Have a great weekend’ to me. What plans did those people have? How was their weekend going to be great and my weekend plan was stay home? If they did have plans, could I come next weekend, stand 2 meters away and give a socially distant high five?

As a result, I decided to take the weekend off. I un-shamefully stayed in my PJs until noon on Saturday. I didn’t do my daily load of laundry and my kids enjoyed more screen time than an Odeon cinema during a grand opening weekend. And while there were moments (albeit fleeting) where I felt I should be doing something, tidying, cleaning, home schooling to make up for the week – I decided against it. Instead I took the whole weekend off. On Sunday, my husband and I took the kids out for a two hour walk, then went home and watched a movie on Disney+. Hands down best £49.99 I ever spent for a one year subscription.

And now it’s Monday and we completed one week. One week which had a lot of emotion, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of stress and drastic changes to our way of life. Last night before going to sleep I realised I was making a mental list of all the things I need to accomplish this week. The exercise I must do – PE with Jo Wicks is free, what’s my excuse? The cleaning I need to finish. My actual work that needs to be completed, the home learning I need to master and of course the new skill I will learn during this lockdown (baking or learn Spanish I haven’t decided). It did make me think of the pressures we’re all placing on ourselves.

Which made me think if my daily sharings are placing any pressure on you. So here is my tip for today…  

Be kind to yourself. It’s Monday and Monday’s are already hard. Relax, enjoy a glass of wine this evening, do anything that brings you some joy and tomorrow we’ll get to the house. I’m thinking we tackle the kids bedroom tomorrow. What do you think?