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Day 4 – The Two Week Spring Clean – The Kitchen Prep Edition

Admittedly I would never willingly spend my Friday night cleaning my kitchen. But these are unprecedented times and Boris Johnson just tested positive for Coronavirus. After seeing the BBC headline, I panicked and headed straight to my kitchen to clean and disinfect anything my kids could possibly touch.

If I’m honest, the kitchen is probably the last place I would want to Spring Clean –for the sheer magnitude of work it entails. The cupboards, the drawers, the plastic containers and the black hole located somewhere in my cupboards that has all their lids…. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Four dark chocolate digestives and a cup of tea later, I have a plan. And I’m sharing it…. So here are my 5 steps on how to get your kitchen READY for a Spring Clean. Think baby steps.

1- Go through your pasta – Now more than ever I am very conscious of not wasting or throwing any food. I opened my cupboard and found too many packets of pasta each containing just shy of one portion. The solution – combine them all into a single sealable bag and use in a pasta bake or macaroni cheese. No one will ever know – or care.

2- Empty out that drawer – we all have that one drawer. The one full of left over birthday party wrapping paper, batteries (old & new), a food scale, random tools, appliance user manuals (why do I have these?), pens, colours, colouring books. I could go on. Empty that drawer and purge. Be ruthless, anything that doesn’t make sense goes.

3- Clean & organise the baking & cooking cupboard. I’m not particularly keen on this one, but it’s easier to tackle than my spices cupboard or the pantry. Again, take everything out, put similar items together with the most used in the front.

4- Clean & sanitise the bins. Really I do this because my son enjoys randomly going into the kitchen and opening the bin, yell yuck then close. So I’ve gotten into the habit of daily sanitising my bin, but my new new trick is to place a layer to kitchen roll at the bottom to catch any drips that would stick to the bin and cause a smell

5- Declutter counter tops – I’ve taken everything off, placed them in a corner and determined what is allowed back on – kettle, toaster, microwave. Everything else such as my cutting boards, stack of Waitrose recipes I promise I will make, will be stored in my cupboards, once I clean and organise them – tomorrow.