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The Stay Home Diaries – Spring Clean: Bathroom Edition

What day is it? Does anyone even know? What I do know is I logged over 13,000 steps yesterday without even leaving my house. If it weren’t for the insane amount of left over fish fingers and cold chips I’m currently consuming I would have come out of this lockdown more Jessica Alba and less beached whale. But 4 days at home have taught me a couple of things:

1- I am very grateful that we are all in good health and the weather here in the UK has been on our side
2- My home has never been lived in as much as it has over these past 4 days.

As a result, I decided my home will finally receive the Spring Clean it deserves. I Engi Bally (that’s my name) Marketing Manager at MOLLY MAID UK (my occupation) have never ever given my home a Spring Clean (shhh, don’t tell anyone at MOLLY MAID). So really if there was ever a good time to start, it was now. Therefore, for the next two weeks I’m going to focus on one specific area/room each day and share some key tips that are working for me. Plus now that I realised how many steps I’m logging when cleaning, it’s a win-win situation. I started with the bathrooms, as we are all washing our hands a lot more than usual, it seemed an appropriate place to start.

Here are the 5 key tips to Spring Clean your bathroom
1- Declutter first – this might seem obvious, but the amount of old makeup, half empty toiletries and random cream and makeup samples that were in my en-suite was frightening. When did I accumulate all this? Why was I buying more? Was my husband right when he said I already had it? No, he wasn’t. I needed two pots of the exact same blush. I was brutal and if I couldn’t remember having it, I probably didn’t need it, so I binned it. Which brings me to my second tip, organise the cupboard. I can now see everything I have and that was liberating. And do this all before you get sucked in cleaning.

2- Descale shower head – where I live, limescale is a serious issue. And in usual cleans the shower head never gets any attention, but this a Spring Clean, its special. Here’s a tried and tested hack that’s also eco-friendly. Fill a sandwich bag with white wine vinegar and place your shower head in it. Tie the bag, making sure the entire part you want cleaned covered and leave it while you clean the bathroom (or longer depending on the amount of scale). Its magic, instantly new shinny showerhead.

3- Deep clean the toilet – Mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of white wine vinegar and pour into the toilet bowl. Let it fizz up and leave for 15 minutes. Then scrub & flush.

4- Sanitise everything – now in a normal clean I usually just wipe the top of the bin so it looks clean, but this wasn’t a normal clean. Plus, we’re all a little conscious of germs these days so my bin was scrubbed inside/out with soapy water, then spritzed with essential oil for freshness. Kids bath toys were thrown in the dishwasher and received their own very special shower. And possibly not the greatest job, but the toilet brush was sanitised as well. First I spray the brush with white wine vinegar to clean then I fill the holder with vinegar to soak the brush overnight – good as new.

5- Scrub the bath/shower. The key to this is to let it soak. Use which ever cleaner you like or in reality whichever you can find during these times, spray and leave up to 30 minutes then burn some calories scrubbing. Use a toothbrush to get to those nooks and crannies!