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How to clean your bathroom before guests arrive

Whether you are hosting friends and family or delving into the world of AirBnB, you’ll want to have your bathroom both prepared and gleaming. Here are a few tips to to help you clean your bathroom so it is guest-ready.

1. Deep clean

Thoroughly clean the bathroom, including sink, bath, shower, floor and mirrors.

Wipe down wall tiles and don’t forget to tackle limescale build up on the shower head and taps. Make sure the drains aren’t clogged and that there is no grime around their edges, and give the grouting a good scrub, especially if there is any sign of mould.

Dryer sheets are great for polishing any chrome fixtures to give them that extra special gleam, plus make sure you dust lights and lamp shades. Don’t forget to empty the rubbish before anyone arrives!

2. De-personalise

Nobody wants to come across their host’s itch creams or well-used toothbrushes, so make sure that personal items are tucked away from view. Remove children’s bath toys (unless your guests are of an age to appreciate them!), step stools and potties, ancient magazines and any other unnecessary clutter. This also creates space for your guests to set out any toiletries or cosmetics they may have brought.

3. Stock up

Make sure that there are clean towels ready for guests’ use, and it’s worth having a couple of extra set out just in case – it’s never fun going dripping through a host’s home to ask for another towel! Also don’t forget to ensure you are well stocked with spare toilet rolls placed somewhere easy to spot.

It’s a nice touch to fill a basket with toiletries they might have forgotten or couldn’t bring on a plane, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, tweezers, cotton buds. Think about items you’re grateful to find in a hotel bathroom. Set out new shampoo/condition and shower gel or soap in the shower or bath, possibly even labelled so they know it is for their use. A spare hair dryer may be appreciated too, and if you have room, stick a hamper in the corner so they’re not left wondering what to do with used towels.

4. Extra touches

If you really want to go to town and give your bathroom that luxurious holiday touch, you could add a small vase of flowers or pot pourri on a shelf or windowsill, or perhaps a candle or a scent diffuser.