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Cleaning hacks to make your home seem pet free

We may love Rover or Felix to bits and consider them part of the family, but from time to time we can’t help wishing they were a bit better at cleaning up after themselves. Pet hair and odours can be off putting to guests or potential home buyers – and aren’t the most pleasant to live with.

Here are some simple hacks to make your four legged friend seen and not smelt!

1.Get sticky with it

A lint roller, pair of rubber gloves or simply wrapping some tape around your hand sticky side out can tackle the pet hair that’s determined to make your sofa its permanent home. Hoover as much as you can, then get sticky on those last stubborn bits.

If your pet is particularly prone to shedding, it could be worth cheating and investing in a few pet-friendly throws to protect the sofa – then just whip it away when guests are due!

2. Accidents happen

…And the smell can be a permanent reminder. Baking soda does wonders to neutralise unpleasant odours – just sprinkle a little over the offending area last thing at night and vacuum it up in the morning. If the accident left a stain, a solution of equal parts water and white wine vinegar will take care of it at a fraction of the cost of a shop-bought spray, and is completely non toxic to your pet!

If you ever let the dog sleep on your bed, washing the sheets and covers with a cup of baking soda in the washing machine will have them smelling good as new!

3. Hoover the dog

This one might sound like a joke about a house proud sitcom character, but it’s a great way to minimise shedding, and also takes care of the skin cells that can exacerbate allergies. Experts believe it is more comfortable for the dog than a traditional brush – though you must use an attachment specifically designed for the job, such as the Dyson Groom.

4. Clean the collar

Often a good bit of pet odour can be traced to the collar, which picks up all manner of filth as your pet goes about its daily business! Soak the collar in hot water with some dog shampoo for about 15 minutes, then give it a good scrub and leave to dry, preferably outside.

5. Lavender

Lavender is an excellent way to calm a skittish dog (during fireworks or on a car journey, for example) while eliminating its odour, and helping to keep fleas and tics at bay. Spritz your car, your pet’s bed, or rub a little lavender essential oil between a dog’s shoulder blades.