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Autumn leaves

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Autumn leaves: Top Tips to enjoy them

Experience a palette of golds, browns, coppers, bronzes and reds that are the ever-changing colours of Autumn. Rather than complain about the cooler weather, MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning experts, suggest that you wrap up and celebrate Autumn by embracing the beautiful seasonal changes with your family. There’s no better time to do it than over the half-term holidays. Here are some ideas:

Autumn family walk: Nothing beats heading out with the family and your dog for a walk on a crisp autumn day. Take them to an area that has a beautiful landscape with changing leaves. Don’t forget to take your camera too to capture the amazing array of colours and the fun that is enjoyed by all. You are bound to snap some fantastically impromptu pictures.

Leaf raking party: It sounds like a lot of work, but really when you invite all your favourite people, entice them in with delicious hot chocolate (or hot toddies) and cake, what’s not to like? You could even have a Halloween themed prize for those who have collected the most leaves.

Autumn Picnic: Pack a picnic and spend an hour in a conservation area or nearby park that has many different tree varieties – and changing Autumn leaves. Bring a game like Frisbee, Football or Rugby, but mostly bring your curiosity (and a camera). If you’re feeling like being particularly adventurous, why not visit for ideas on where you can enjoy the glorious Autumn colours.

Leaf Art: There are so many different things that you can do with Autumn leaves so there is definitely something to keep everybody entertained. Start by collecting as many different shapes and colours of leaves. The key is variety.

  • Pressed Leaves Between Panes

Preserve the vibrant hues of autumn leaves between two pieces of glass. First press leaves between the pages of a book. When completely dry, place a pressed leaf between two pieces of glass. Wrap coloured linen book cloth tape around the edges of the glass to secure.

  • Decorate pumpkins with leaves

For a more elegant approach to decorating pumpkins, consider sticking a collection of the leaves you have gathered onto the pumpkins in a pattern.

  • Pressed leafed decorations

Find a wide leaf (such as an oak leaf) and trim out a butterfly head from the top point of the leaf. Press the leaf in a book until dry. Spray with varnish to help preserve the colour. Use spray adhesive to glue the pressed, varnished leaves to card. Trim around the edges, leaving a 1/4-inch space. Punch a hole at the top and tie pretty ribbon through it. These can then be hung from some twigs to form a centre piece, or used as tags for presents. This is a great one for the children to have a go at.