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How to throw a simple Halloween party

It’s that time of year when all the talk is about Halloween and Halloween parties so why not give it a go yourself organise an impromptu party for friends and family? Do remember that friends are generally very happy to be invited to a party and will often ask if they can bring something with them… so do take them up on the offer and learn to delegate! Here are a few things to remember when organising a Halloween party.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to throw an impressive Halloween party – just stick to a simple colour scheme with bright, bold colours such as black, white and orange. Why not try incorporating a mix of plain, dots and stripe to give the party a more updated feel this Halloween! The trick is to keep things simple.

Halloween treasure hunt

Although this requires a little forward planning, you can be certain that a Halloween treasure hunt will keep the children occupied. Before the party, hide the Halloween themed treasure hunt clues with some small toys and Halloween themed sweets around the house. Then give the children the first clue and let the hunt begin!

Halloween Costume competition

Think about hosting a Halloween costume competition for the adults and make sure that you include a 10 second catwalk accompanied to spooky music from Michael Jackson’s Thriller to AC/DCs to Highway to Hell! You are guaranteed to entertain your friends and family.

Pumpkin carving competition

If the children are of a suitable age to carve their own pumpkins safely, ask them to create their own ‘spooky pumpkin’ in a set time and then judge the finished article. There will have to be a suitably spooky prize to incentivise them, but it could keep them entertained and happy for a good 30 minutes.

Party food

This is where you delegate and ask half of your friends and family to each bring a savoury ‘spooky’ dish and then ask the other half to bring an equally scary and Halloween themed desert. This should this in turn provide most of the nibbles required for a fun-filled party. Why not think about concocting some terrifyingly delicious drinks?

Most importantly, have a spooky spectacular Halloween!

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