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Freezer: Top tips on how to defrost a freezer

Have you ever found yourself struggling with how best to defrost your freezer? It’s always a good idea to clear out your freezer once in a while, especially if it has been working hard for you over the summer and in advance of the busy winter season ahead with Christmas just around the corner.

Freezers need to be defrosted because the more a freezer is opened, which tends to happen more frequently in the summer, the more moisture settles in the interior of the freezer to form ice. The problem with this is that it not only requires more energy to run a freezer but it can be difficult to open drawers for example. Generally speaking, you should try to defrost your freezer around twice a year to keep on top of the ice forming and ensuring that you are running it as efficiently as possible.

MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaning professionals, have some top tips to share with you on how to rid your freezer of excess ice and to give it a good clean.

  • It’s a good idea to clear out your freezer or throw a dinner party with all your goodies. Alternatively, wrap your food in newspaper and store it somewhere cool or in a cool bag to help to delay the thawing.
  • Then, switch off your freezer and open the freezer door so that the ice can melt slowly or you can help to speed up this process by placing a bowl of hot water inside the appliance and closing the door.
  • Once any loosened ice starts to melt on the side panels, gently pull away any pieces without forcing them.
  • The best way to collect the defrost water and excess ice is with a sponge or cloth, thereby preventing too much water from ending up on the floor.
  • If much water is expected, try using a deep baking tray at the very bottom of the freezer.
  • Keep an eye on your freezer and avoid going out as the freezing process will need to be supervised.
  • Clean your freezer with a little warm water with a little washing-up liquid added. Do not use substances such as vinegar as these corrode the plastic.
  • Then rinse it with clean water and dry it well.
  • Now it’s ready to use once again so plug it back in, switch it on and as soon as the temperature is low enough, you can restock it with food.
  • Please be careful never to re-freeze defrosted foods.

Good luck and show your freezer some TLC.