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Achieving a happy work life balance

Autumn signals a new season – a season of change. Tress are starting to shed their leaves, children are starting a new academic year at school and work starts to ramp up into the last quarter. This time of year does, however, give us the opportunity to revaluate our work life balance. We live in a busy world where so much is seemingly expected from us, that it’s easy to forget the important things in life and to prioritise them – such as family and friends. MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning experts, have a few suggestions on how to free up time to do so to help you to strike a healthy work life balance:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s all to easy to think that it’s a weakness to ask those around you for a little help, however, it is no different than delegating certain tasks to work colleagues! If you know that you are going to be stretched one week, contact your family or friends and ask them for a hand with childcare or dog sitting or whatever it may be. Everyone understands that we all have competing demands on our lives and the busier it becomes, the easier it is to lose the equilibrium. Remember to return the favour when you can and this way you keep the balance in your friendship too!

  • Set work boundaries

With increasing flexibility around work patterns and hours, it’s all too easy to get sucked into working longer hours using the technological advances we have access to nowadays. The mentality of ‘If I deal with this now, I won’t have to tomorrow’ can backfire and work colleagues assume you are online. Over time, they come to expect your 24/7 approach and before you know it, your workload has increased. This can be unhealthy for you and your family, so it is important to set strict work boundaries, whether you work from home or an office, to achieve a happy work life balance so, sit down with your employer and discuss one another’s expectations.

  • Time Management

We all know that good time management leads to a happier and fulfilled person, but it’s sometimes difficult to stick to! So, start prioritising your activities at home and at work. You have limited time to accomplish what you wish to in one day, but cutting out the wasted journey to the supermarket, when it can be done online is a good start to effective time management.

  • Learn to say ‘No’!

We cannot possibly be perfect all the time and be everything to everybody, so it’s really important to your work life balance to be able to decline certain invitations, for example, if they will cause stress or upheaval to your routine. Good friends will forgive you!

  • Put yourself first sometimes!

People who struggle with a healthy work life balance are often the most conscientious of people, who are striving for perfection and success (however you define this). They often tend to put others first without realising that in fact, it is perfectly normal to need some time to oneself – ‘me time!’ By having some time to have a long relaxing bath, or seeing friends, or going for a massage, will make you feel happier and more relaxed and in turn, your family will benefit from your most relaxed state of mind too.

So, with a few simple changes and being mindful of your time, you can achieve a healthy and happy work life balance. Go for it!