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Top Tips for garden shed declutter

It’s been a busy time for garden sheds over the summer and no doubt, children and pets have had added to the slight chaotic state which your garden shed finds itself in. With the darker evenings setting in and with Autumn upon us, now is the time to do a garden shed declutter and show it some attention in preparation for the winter. Here are some handy top tips for a garden shed declutter from MOLLY MAID, the domestic cleaning experts.

  • Purpose: First and foremost, decide what the garden shed is being used for. Is it for the garden, for DIY, for extra storage such as children’s toys or outdoor gear such as bikes?
  • Dedicated areas: Once you have decided on how the garden shed is being used, you can start to assign dedicated areas (no matter how small your shed is) to various things. One wall for instance, can hang all your implements needed for gardening, the other wall can hang scooters, fishing nets and other outdoor gear. The key is to plan out what is going on which wall and don’t forget how useful shelves are in helping to declutter the garden shed!
  • Assign homes for big items: There’s no getting away from the fact that a bike or a lawnmower takes up considerable ground space, so it’s vital to put the big items in first so you can plan around them.
  • Hooks and Shelving: Making sure that your valuable tools and are off the ground and hung up is key to decluttering the garden shed and organising it. It’s also more likely that they will be kept in good condition this way too. Remember to plan out where and what will be placed on a shelf and what needs hooks and don’t forget that the back of the garden shed door is another place to hang something.
  • Jars or labelled tins: Trying to find small screws, nails, seeds, plant ties or any other tiny garden accessories or even unravelled twine in an untidy garden shed can be so frustrating, so use as many old jam jars or tins and fill them with small items and remember to label them! You will instantly feel more organised in your garden shed once you have done this!
  • Outside opportunity: Don’t forget that you may be able to hang something on the outside of the shed too, but obviously you don’t want it to look like an eye sore, or for things to be damaged in the rain! A pretty wire basket could hold some weather resistant items or if it has a lid, your garden gloves for instance. The big trug could perhaps be hung on the outside of the garden shed at the back where no one will see it, but it’s easily accessible.

Good luck!