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How to throw an impromptu BBQ party

With the last bank holiday week-end of the year fast approaching and with shorter nights drawing in, it’s time to throw an impromptu BBQ party. You can make it for as many, or as few of you as you like, but one thing is certain: it doesn’t have to be complicated! Remember family and friends are generally grateful to be invited and not to have to cook for themselves and everybody likes a BBQ party. Here’s a few tips from the house cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID.

  • The trick is to keep it simple

Instead of trying to be too flash with complicated recipes, opt for hot dogs, hamburgers, fish or chicken for your BBQ party. You can make the dishes seem more exciting by simply adding a cheese slice and a rasher of bacon! Fresh corn on the cob for a BBQ party is always a winner with the children and the adults. For salads and accompaniments, why not try a simple potato salad or a bowl of mixed leaves (ready prepared) along with some fresh coleslaw from your local supermarket and don’t forget the bread buns to go with the hamburgers!

  • Accept a helping hand

Most of our friends are thoughtful and tend to ask if they can bring anything to BBQ party as everyone knows that it’s a casual affair. This time, do take them up on their offer of a side dish or even a pudding or dessert or even a plate of cheese or snacks to keep the children happy! The more people who are willing to help, the less you have to do!

  • Shopping list

Here is a brief shopping list of items so you won’t forget when you’re in a hurry. They include:

Paper plates, cups, knives and forks and napkins

Ice for drinks

Charcoal or propane for the grill

Water bottles

Condiments for the burgers

Salt and pepper

Crisps and other miscellaneous snacks


Potato salad

Salad leaves


Ice Cream, cones and sundae toppings

Drink – Beers, wine, soft drinks and juices

  • Dessert

No BBQ party is complete without dessert! Eton Mess, which looks impressive but can easily be thrown together with a shop bought meringue broken into pieces combined with whipped cream and berries. You can’t go wrong with ice cream either, so why not try buying a few flavours with waffle ice cream cones along with some accompaniments (brought by friends). Fudge pieces, chocolate sauce, flakes, hundreds and thousands and the like are popular. To make a real impression, make sure you set up your ice cream as a ‘sundae’ station as this will be a total success with the children and adults alike.

  • Entertainment

Luckily, entertainment isn’t necessarily expected at a BBQ party as most friends and family come to relax, enjoy each other’s’ company and have fun in the outdoors. However, some music never goes amiss so throw on your favourite tunes, pull out a few garden games that are fun— the key is keeping it simple and most importantly, stress-free.