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Festival survival tips

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Festival survival tips

With the rise of Summer festivals all around the UK, especially in the month of August, the professional domestic cleaners, MOLLY MAID, share some festival survival tips. Some of these ideas may not seem like rocket science, but you know about it, when you’re missing them! These festival survival tips are:

Be organised

  • Every seasoned festival goer will tell you that the key to a smooth and enjoyable festival is to be ultra-organised from the word go. Lists detailing who is bringing in what to help set up camp for the few days is vital before even setting off. You need to be prepared to set up a mini village! The next in our vital festival survival tips, is to arrive early to set up and ensure that you get a decent camping spot for the week-end. This can make all the difference. Then, plan on leaving early to make for a traffic-free dash before the festival has officially ended to avoid queues.

Use a trolley

  • Most of the festival campsites tend to be a little distance from the entrance car park, so remember to try and pack as light as possible and use a trolley to transport all your camping supplies for the duration of the festival.

Fly a flag

  • Whilst you might fancy yourself as an orienteering specialist, one useful tip in our festival survival tips, is to raise a flag or any other unusual visual marker to help you locate your camp. It’s crucial to think of unusual markers as plenty of folk will have thought of flags and the more obvious and commercial flags that are readily available.

Head torch

  • Unless you wish to succumb to darkness, it’s advisable to buy a good quality head torch so you can always see where you’re going as well as to be seen. In these circumstances, it’s a fashion accessory!

Essential Toiletries

  • So you don’t get caught short, a handy festival survival top tip is to pack some essential toiletries such as dry shampoo, hand sanitizer, deodorant, plenty of baby wipes, loo roll and of course some pain killers.


  • Whilst you might think this sounds rather like being a kill joy, there is nothing worse when you finally settle down for some sleep, only to find yourself being kept awake by party revellers nearby. Ensure that you pack two sets of earplugs as the first set are bound to go missing!


  • With our unpredictable weather, it’s important to have all scenarios covered for a great British week-end! So, remember to pack some sun cream, a hat, flip flops, waterproof ankle boots, a rain jacket and a fleece.


  • There are very few places to sit at festivals, and with our British weather, the idea of settling down on muddy terrain will be mighty unappealing. So, research some light and easy-to-carry seating options as well as, some comfortable inflatable seating for the camp site itself.

Battery back-up

  • Whilst you may wish to switch off from the outside world for a week-end of fun and frivolity with family and friends, you know that a mobile is a sensible means by which to communicate should you wish to locate or message your friends. Therefore one of our festival survival tip is not to get caught short by running out of juice and not having a battery pack with you. There are several available on the internet and some are solar powered too. If you are planning on using your mobile, download the Find my friends App and set it up so you can locate them at the festival.

Good luck with these festival survival tips and hope you have a good time!