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A guide to a speedy kitchen clean

There’s nothing worse than suddenly being caught out or ambushed by a call or text saying someone’s around the corner and popping in for a cuppa when you know that your kitchen needs a speedy kitchen clean! When there’s no time to get the professional house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID in to wave their magic wand, why not try these tips for a speeding kitchen clean? If done correctly, your speedy kitchen clean should take between 10 and 15 minutes… easy!

Stack the dishwasher

If you haven’t stacked the dishwasher from the night before, now is the time to quickly stack the machine and get the dirty dishes out of the kitchen sink. Let’s face it, no one likes an eyesore in the kitchen! This shouldn’t take you more than five minutes or so to contribute to your speedy kitchen clean.

Clean the sink

Whilst stainless steel sinks tend to show more soap grime than porcelain or traditional sinks, they both need a good, hygienic clean. Use some bicarbonate of soda on a cloth and gently rub the sink with it. Then use your normal disinfectant and kitchen cleaner to rinse the sink. It should produce a sparkling result!

Wipe the Counters

Depending on the material of your kitchen counters, you can either use an all-purpose cleaner or a specific cleaner for the material of your counter wipe down your counters.  The end result is a clean surface … all in a matter of one minute of your speedy kitchen clean.

Wipe the Appliances

If you have stainless steel appliances, purchase a stainless steel cleaner. If you don’t have stainless steel appliances, then use any all-purpose cleaner and spray

the cleaner onto the surface of your appliances and wipe them clean with a microfibre cloth.

Clean the hob

The hob or oven are, more often than not, made to be a focal point of any kitchen nowadays so, it can be embarrassing if you have dust or worse still, burnt on food on display. Simply wipe down with a small amount of bicarbonate of soda if you do not have a delicate hob, if you do, wipe with an all-purpose kitchen cleaner for sparkling results.

Quick vacuum

If you have a busy family, including a pet, it’s very easy for a kitchen floor to look messy and dirty within a few moments! However, the trick as with most cleaning, is to keep on top of it. However, if this isn’t possible, run the vacuum cleaner over the kitchen floor quickly picking up any loose crumbs, pet hair, general dust and dirt. It’s amazing how much of a difference a vacuum makes to the overall look.

So, good luck with your speedy kitchen clean all in less than 15 minutes flat!