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Love your windows!

Door or window maintenance, whether timber or aluminium, can seem like a daunting and rather laborious job, but it will pay dividends in the long run and there’s no better time to tackle the task than summer. Let’s be honest, we all know that if windows and doors are left unloved, you could be faced with early replacement costs so, MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning professionals, strongly advocate some tips for preventative care. Here’s what to do…

Period or wooden windows maintenance

The first and most simple rule of maintaining windows and doors is to inspect them regularly, both inside and out and, as soon as they display signs of deterioration, givie them a coat of paint. Preparation is important so make sure all surfaces are sound and any loose paint has been removed with a sander, but be careful when using hot air guns to strip paint as the heat can easily crack glass. Check for rot and that all joints are firm too. Replace missing or defective putty in windows with traditional linseed oil putty, again taking care not to damage the glass. If the corner of a window needs strengthening, a simple solution is to use a metal angle bracket.

Should your period or sash windows prove to be sticking, it may be due to them having been overpainted or due to swollen or distorted frames, loose joints or seized sash pulleys. Try applying tallow or beeswax to the edges of the sashes to help them run while oil will ease pulleys.

Period windows need to much TLC and care, but this is far more cost-effective than having to replace them.

Aluminium window maintenance

Build-up of dirt and airborne impurities on aluminium surfaces can reduce its durability, especially when exposed to moisture. Wash your windows and frames at least every six months to avoid any build-up.

To ensure window tracks glide smoothly, use a brush or vacuum to keep them free from sand, dust and flies that find their way in as this will help to avoid damaging their roller wheels.

Recommended preventative maintenance

Wash aluminium frames using a soft bristled brush, warm water and mild detergent.

Rinse well with fresh water to remove detergent residue. Strong detergents should never be used as they may scratch or damage the surface.

Ensure that drain holes to outer frame sill channels are clear of any debris blockage to keep excess moisture away from the home.

Exterior Wooden doors

Timber or wooden exterior doors add natural beauty to a home and so deserve to be looked after. The first thing to do is to re-coat or paint external doors every 12-24 months as sunlight and persistent wet weather can break down varnish. The trick is never to allow any exposed wood to come into contact with the outdoor elements.

Door handles, hinges and locks work better if they are cleaned and lubricated regularly, remembering to carry out regular tightening and adjustments if used frequently.

Homes near the coast

For coastal homes (within 2km of the sea) should wash windows and frames (as well as gutters and fascia’s) every three months and more in the summer as sand can scratch and damage these items if not maintained regularly.