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Creating outside seating

Struggling with outside seating? Then, think upcycling as a possible solution! Summer is a time when we tend to use our outdoor spaces for entertaining and making the most of the lighter evenings. However, finding additional outside seating to suit and fit in with your surroundings can sometimes be a struggle. Instead of spending vast amounts of money on matching outside seating, start thinking along the lines of upcycling. You will be surprised as to how many items can be used for upcycled to create good value, as well as, unique outside seating. The house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID share some ideas to get you started.

Wooden Pallets

These are easily sourced and some companies are only too happy to get them off their hands. There are multiple uses for old wooden pallets, but one very good use, is to turn them into garden seats to create some invaluable and original outside seating. Simply stack them on top of one another to the desired height and attach to each other with nails as you move up. If you are wanting a longer seat, attach a second stack to the first column. Decorate with colourful cushions and for an extra colourful splash, try spray painting the wooden pallets.

Fallen Tree Trunks

If you have the luxury of having an old tree trunk in your garden that has fallen, try repurposing it as a stool or, with some clever carpentry, carve a chair shape basin into the large tree trunk and decorate with some scatter cushions. This can look very rustic and natural.

Old Railway Sleepers

Very similar to wooden pallets, disused railway sleepers can offer very effective and attractive uses in the garden and outside areas. They are often used to create raised beds and borders, but they can also be used to create seating. All you need to do is bind them together and build them up to your desired height, or mount them with stone legs and if you want a more finished look, think about painting them. If space is at a premium, these can be particularly useful in seating more people in one area than conventional table and chairs.

Gabion seating

Metal framed cages or gabions filled with stones or even old wine bottles strategically placed to show off the bottom of the bottle can create a fun and colourful outside seating area with an added touch of personality!