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teach children how to pack

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Tips to teach children how to pack

If the thought of packing for the whole family in preparation of going on holiday fills you with dread, then why not try and lighten the load by trying to teach children how to pack? Like anything involving children, it might take them a while to get the hang of it and make a few mistakes along the way, but in the long run, you will be teaching them a valuable life lesson. Just think about all the time it will save you too! So in theory this all sounds great, but how do should we actually go about teaching children how to pack? The domestic cleaning experts, MOLLY MAID, have some tips to teach children how to pack and help you on your way:

  • Dig out the suitcase: Set their suitcase out ready for them to fill later on and explain that you are entrusting them with a big responsibility which will require some special focus.
  • Packing List: Sit them down and ask them to write a packing list. Arm them with all the information they will need. Use sub-headings such Number of Days Away; Sports Activities; Weather; Books/ Toys/ Teddies; Eating Out; This will give them more of an idea of whether to pack for hot or cooler climates and whether smart clothes are also required for eating out or any sports gear for any other activities for example. Remember, this list can be set up as a template on the computer and printed out time and time again and this will help to reinforce the message.
  • Review: Ask the children to lay out their clothes and other items on their bed. Then check against the packing list. It’s a good idea to do this for the first few times and of course, depending on their age otherwise you may find a few underpants missing, which could cause some embarrassment!
  • Order: Once the proposed contents has been reviewed, explain that heavier items are best placed at the bottom of a suitcase and that delicate items should be cushioned or wrapped with other clothes. Socks and underpants can be stuffed into little corners to save space. Go on to explain that toiletries are packed last in the wash bag or plastic bags if they are likely to leak.
  • Reward: It’s important to encourage your children with their attempts in order for them to want to try in the future and to continue to improve. Remember to thank them and if you feel that they have done a really good job, why not reward them with a little treat. They may now begin to appreciate the task that you do for the family and recognise that it’s a big task if you have to do it multiple times!

Try and have fun teaching children how to pack!