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Steps to improving curb appeal!

Do you feel that your home needs a spruce up and that it lacks that certain attractive and well-maintained look; or are you thinking about putting your home on the market and, therefore, need to give it more curb appeal to show it off to the best of its’ abilities? First impressions to encourage potential buyers to view a property are vital and, therefore, curb appeal does matter! The domestic cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have steps to help create the curb appeal you need.

  1. Driveway: A drive is generally in constant use and needs demonstrate that it’s a useful asset to the house as well as being attractive and tidy. If it is filled with weeds and moss, it is time to tidy it up and if the paving looks messy, think about fixing it, or laying a cheaper alternative down such as gravel.
  2. Front Door: The front door is the first thing a potential tenant or buyer will see, so first impressions are vital to improve curb appeal. If your front door is looking tatty, then consider giving it an overhaul with a fresh lick of paint and then insure that it looks cared for being giving it a quick wipe down before viewings. By painting it, you will ensure that it will last longer too. Think about putting some pots of cheerful flowers either side of the door to make it a cheerful entrance. Always make sure that your front door step is swept.
  3. Front Garden: In similar vain to the front door, ensure that the beds and bushes are clear of weeds and dead leaves and if you have beds, consider planting some fresh and cheerful annuals as this will almost certainly add to the curb appeal. If there’s enough space, invest in a bistro table and chairs set as this will add additional curb appeal showing that there is enough space to enjoy a drink outside.
  4. Bins: Let’s face it, visible rubbish bins can instantly put someone off and no one likes to see them. If there is nowhere else to put them, then install a bin store to hide them. This can then be painted to be in keeping with your house.
  5. Windows: Properly maintained windows will instantly show that the property has been cared for and looked after over the years. Windows that look scrappy with peeling paint will signal alarm bells to any potential buyer indicating that instant expense is necessary. It isn’t difficult to wash windows, so clean your windows inside and out and this will take years off them.
  6. Power Wash: Think about washing down your patio areas, gutters and down pipes as this will help to add to the curb appeal and will further reinforce the fact that the property has been well maintained.
  7. Roof: Roofing can be seen from the curb side or pavement and therefore it’s easy to spot a missing roof tile or a sagging gutter or any brick work for instance. It’s easy to fix these issues and it is all about property maintenance, which is better fixed sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary expense.

Good Luck!