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Father's Day

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Father’s Day: Start a tradition

Instead of the usual gifts, cards and meals to celebrate Father’s Day, why not try something a little different and start a tradition on Father’s Day for your children and their father to remember. It doesn’t have to involve much expense or indeed huge amounts of effort, but instead Father’s Day should be a day and a memory that can be treasured as theirs and who knows, they may even pass the tradition down the line themselves!

The house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have come up with a few ideas if you find yourself struggling to start a tradition on Father’s Day.

  • Bike ride – What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by bike? Make sure you have plenty of pit stops to have a drink, a snack and a rest. You could even make a day of it and turn it into an adventure with a pic-nic and a list of local attractions to visit en route.
  • Hiking – Much like a bike ride, hiking does provide plenty of opportunity to appreciate your surroundings with the added benefit that it is easier to talk and share stories while walking, rather than biking. Make sure you have an end destination or goal in mind so that it provides a sense of achievement at the end of it.
  • An adrenaline experience – Why not start a tradition on Father’s Day that involves taking it in turns to book an adrenaline filled day such as white-water rafting, parachuting or driving a racing car for example. This is tradition that could pass down the ages and you could still be doing when you are retired!
  • Camping – Start diarising Father’s Day every year as your camping week-end with your children, with or without your wife or partner. You could take it in turns to choose the location, but keep activities similar each year as this is what children remember and like to pass on to the next generation.
  • Fishing – If you have never done any fishing, give it a go with your children. It can be surprisingly rewarding and peaceful, but you will need some patience and perhaps best avoided until children are able to swim.
  • Cooking – If you find yourself struggling with wet weather or simply fancy getting busy in the kitchen, why not start a tradition where you bake or make something special or unusual like a cake or sweets – something that is slightly different. You can have so much fun with flour!
  • Woodwork – Start a tradition this Father’s Day that doesn’t involve moving far from home, but does require special time with your children in your shed or workshop. Children like the idea of crafting and making something, so if you are handy with tools, why not try to make something together, which can serve as a keepsake.
  • Board Games – These don’t just have to be reserved for Christmas or when the electricity goes out! Why not dig out some good board games, or even Chess, and spend some one-to-one time with your children playing board games away from gadgets, ipads or any other tempting technology.
  • Cinema – If you wished you went to the cinema more often, but struggle with time, why not start a tradition on Father’s Day to go and see a film. You can alternate who chooses the film, but make sure you go the whole hog with sweets and soft drinks!

We hope this has given you a few ideas on how to start a tradition this Father’s Day and to ensure you make some memories along the way.