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Tips to protect pets this summer

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Tips to protect pets this summer

Whilst you might be enjoying the sun and heat this summer, spare a thought for our much-loved family pets who can’t pop a sunhat on and can’t protect themselves from the heat and the sun. MOLLY MAID, the domestic house cleaning professionals, have a few tips to protect pets this summer.

Dogs & Cats

  • Never leave your dog, or any other animals, in a car over the summer months – it can still be too hot for an animal in a car on an overcast day.
  • Avoid walking dogs during the heat of the day and instead, try walking in the mornings or early evenings.
  • Protect your pet from the sun, by providing a shaded area, if none are readily available, in the garden with access to fresh water. Some dogs love playing and chewing ice cubes.
  • It is a misnomer to clip or strip a cat or dog’s coat in preparation for summer. It might feel like the more practical thing to do as this is the time when messing around in rivers and water is popular, however, long, un-matted coats will help their circulation and to regulate their temperature. In fact, regular grooming of a cat can help to cool them down.
  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in dogs and second most common in cats, so it is vital that you protect them from the sun by applying pet friendly sun block on delicate and exposed areas such as noses, bellies, ears and so on.
  • If a dog shows signs of heat stress—heavy panting, dry or bright red gums, thick drool, vomiting, diarrhoea, or wobbly legs avoid putting them in ice cold water, which can put the body into shock. Instead, move the dog to a cool place, drape a damp towel over the body, re-wet the cloth frequently, and consult a vet as soon as possible.
  • Paddling pools in the garden or outdoors can prove very popular with dogs enabling them not only to drink the fresh water, but also to dip their paws into as they emit heat through their paws. You might want to find a robust model as they can tend to burst them with their claws!
  • Avoid allowing a dog to swim in lakes and ponds where you might find stagnant water as this water could potentially toxic bacteria.

Have fun with your pet and remember to protect them from the sun and heat, just like any member of the family!