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Artificial grass or real grass

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Artificial grass or real grass: that is the question?

The British seem to be generally preoccupied with their lawns and grass, particularly around the Wimbledon season! The question of whether it is better, or more practical, to have grass or a lawn versus artificial grass or Astro Turf (an American brand established in 1966) has been debated often. There are, however,  definite advantages and disadvantages to both. The household cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID have laid out all the pros and cons to help you decide.


  • There is a huge variety of artificial grass or turf available to consumers and some look amazingly realistic incorporating many different shades of green to resemble the real thing.
  • They do not require the maintenance and upkeep of real grass such a mowing, weeding, feeding and even laying in a suitable environment with good sunlight and access to a water source.
  • They can look very effective in urban areas, such as courtyards.
  • They are particularly good where children and dogs are involved, as they withstand high levels of foot traffic and wear and tear.
  • If you are looking for a ‘clean’ garden environment, then artificial grass cuts out dirt and mud being traipsed through your home.
  • They are very low maintenance, especially if properly installed – requiring just brushing over / hosing down to keep them clear of dirt and debris.


  • There is nothing quite like the feel of cool, fresh grass beneath your feet. Some artificial grasses have a carpet type feel which can be off-putting to some.
  • It can be an expensive project to install by comparison to laying a new lawn from turf. To do the project justice, you need to have a free draining base, similar to a patio.
  • They are not ‘friendly’ for your garden and its bugs and grubs, such as worms.
  • They do not last forever and whilst this depends on how well you look after them, don’t expect them to continue to look pristine after 6 or more years (many come with guarantees for a certain time period).
  • They do require some maintenance of brushing, hosing and picking up of any garden debris, such as leaves as they will not breakdown on an artificial surface.
  • The nostalgia and smells associated with ‘cut grass’ on a summer’s day become a thing of the past!

There are reasons for and against using artificial grass and you really need to decide what you need from your lawn. Is it simply to look ‘green’ with relatively low maintenance in an urban area, but a project you are prepared to splash out on; or are you after a long-term green area that works for you and your pets that requires more investment in time, rather than money.