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How to make an easy tent

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How to make an easy tent

With half term in full swing and weather improving, why not encourage your children to spend some time outdoors with their siblings or friends and teach them how to make an easy tent. We all know that children love to have their own private space and hideaways – they will enjoy taking snacks and playing games in their tents and before you know it, they will have given you some respite. The house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have a few different ideas to share with the younger generation.

1 x long piece of rope (3-5m)

2 x flat double bed sheets or larger. If you are worried about it getting wet, try using some tarpaulin sheets as a protective layer over the sheets.

4 x bricks, rocks or heavy stones

6 x clothes pegs

1 x picnic blanket for inside the tent

A few cushions for comfort.

2 x nearby trees to attach each end of the ropes to.

How to:

  • Stretch the rope tightly between two trees or poles and tie firmly. You could even use a fence post or a large hook screwed into a wall. All you need is two points about 3m apart and approximately 1.5m high where you can tie your rope.
  • Attach your sheets to the rope using clothes pegs. One of your sheets to needs to have most of its length hanging down one side and then the second sheet with most of its length hanging down the other side of the rope. These will be the sides of your tent.
  • If using tarpaulin sheeting to protect from the weather, layer it over the top.
  • Pull out the bottom edges of each sheet and weigh them down with bricks or rocks.
  • Line the inside of the tent with a picnic blanket and spread some cushions inside.
  • Why not send the children out with a packed lunch, some books and a board game and you can be guaranteed not to see them for a few hours!