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Put an end to pet hair

One of the few downsides of owning a furry pet at this time of year is that you will come across irritating little balls of pet hair lurking in corners – unless you have a non-moulting variety! To help minimise pet hair and to keep on top of these little fluff balls, MOLLY MAID has some useful suggestions…

  • Grooming: One of the key ways in which to control pet hair is to regularly brush and wash your pet. Daily brushing (outside) helps to loosen and remove most of the dead hair. The brush should have stiff enough bristles to reach the undercoat. Try to avoid washing your pet without having brushed it as it could result in your pet’s hair getting matted, which in turn could make them more susceptible to contracting a skin infection.
  • Fabric: The best way to remove cat or dead hair from sofas for example, is to put on a pair of rubber gloves and grab a squeegee. Then lightly spray some antistatic spray onto your gloves and squeegee and then scrape off the hair. Dampening the rubber gloves can be particularly effective for attracting pet hair stuck in corners or cracks. Rinse regularly when they become covered.
  • Wood & Concrete: First vacuum the floor with a vacuum cleaner designed to be effective on pet hair and then wipe with an electrostatic mop.
  • Clothes: A lint clothes roller is often the most effective for removing pet hair, or if struggling to find one, some brown sticky tape wrapped around your hand can be just as good. Another top tip for minimising pet hair on clothes is to place the item in a clothes dryer with a couple of wet microfiber cloths (the lint will stick to the microfiber cloths) and tumble dry until slightly damp. Remove from dryer and use a clothes brush or sticky lint roller to remove the remaining lint.

Good luck with minimising the pet hair lurking in corners!