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How to clean a bathroom in only 5 minutes

We have all experienced the unexpected phone call to say that guests are just around the corner and are dropping in for a cup of tea, or maybe even for an overnight stay! Whilst it is a pleasant surprise, most of us prefer to be prepared so that we can invite our friends into our tidy, clean and welcoming homes. Although the kitchen and sitting rooms will seem like obvious rooms to clean, the bathroom tends to be overlooked. However, the state of a bathroom does tend to reflect how a family lives their daily life and is used at least twice a day by every member of the family. Let’s face it, a grimy bathroom is never pleasant no matter who you are!  The house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID have designed the following 5 minute blitz to help you get the bathroom ready for visitors:

  • Spray your bathroom cleaner around the sink, taps, bath and base of the shower and allow 30 seconds to soak. You will have to come to terms with the fact that you won’t have time to do a wall to wall clean!
  • Tidy away any brushes, bathroom toys, soaps and so on into some sort of basket, or pop them away in the bathroom cupboard.
  • Now move onto the toilet. Using the gloves that you only use for toilet cleaning, dispense toilet cleaner into the bowl and then wipe each element (the seat, the rim, the handle and the water canister) with a disposable anti-bacterial cleaning wipe, or a microfibre cloth, which is dedicated only for toilet cleaning and which is washed in a washing machine at high temperature after every clean. The handle needs to be cleaned first so as not to spread any germs or bacteria. Then, check the bowl and using the toilet brush give it a good scrub and then flush. Then. with a rinsed clean cloth wipe the floor around the toilet quickly and then wash and remove your gloves.
  • Go back to your sink, taps, shower or bath and after removing any hair from plugholes, wipe with a clean microfibre cloth rinsing in between. You will find that deposits such as soap scum will lift more easily if allowed to work in for 30 seconds or more and will come away with ease.
  • Ensure that you hang fresh towels, or even a fresh hand towel (if they are not staying) for your guests.
  • Open a window for some ‘fresh air’.

There you have it – you can be safe in the knowledge knowing that your guests will have a hygienically clean bathroom to visit during their stay and one that will reflect well on the family too!