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Embrace Earth Day!

Encourage your family and friends to make a difference this year and help to embrace Earth Day! After all, we need to do everything we can to continue to educate the younger generations to look after their Earth. MOLLY MAID, the house cleaning professionals, has a few ideas to help engage them!

Cut out screen time

Encourage all members of the family, to do without their iphones, tables, television and laptops for a day and dig out family board and card games. You’ll be surprised how, after a few minutes, the family is happy to be partaking in an activity together, whilst being mindful of the environment around them.

Cut down shower time

We tend to take fresh, clean water for granted in the western world and forget that whilst it is a necessity, it is a luxury for some. Therefore, in a bid not to waste water, try encouraging the family to cut down on the time they spend running the water in the shower – even if it is just a matter of minutes. Bribery often works a treat: for every minute saved in the shower, is a minute gained at bedtime! Naturally, they need to stay in the shower long enough to get clean!

Create a vegetable patch

Not only is planting seeds such as vegetables seeds fun for the family, but it also teaches them how long it can take for vegetables to grow successfully and therefore to be more mindful of their food. Working with the soil and the earth is a good reminder of how important nature is around us. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of your labours pop up from the ground! If it helps, why not make it a competition amongst siblings to see whose vegetables pop up first!

Go Geocaching

This is a perfect family activity to encourage the family outdoors and to appreciate the beautiful nature around you. It is so much more exciting than just going for a walk as it combines technology with outdoor adventure, uses problem and puzzle solving along skills as well as map reading skills.

Essentially geocaches are hidden by fellow geochachers in a location where they will hide a small waterproof box containing a few varied bits and pieces (usually of little value), a logbook and a pen or pencil. Using their GPS receiver, the geocacher records the coordinates of their geocache and returns home to log its existence on a website. There is even an association in Great Britain, so find out more by visiting their website:

So, with a few activities centred around appreciating and consciously thinking about our environment, we can embrace Earth Day and ensure that the younger generations are mindful about the nature that surrounds them.