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Fish recipes for Good Friday

In keeping with religious tradition, Good Friday meals are typically centred around fish. It’s often tricky to think of fish recipes other than fish and chips or fish pie for the whole family to enjoy, so the professional domestic cleaning expert, MOLLY MAID, has come up with some ideas to help inspire you!

  • Pasta tends to be a firm family favourite so why not try variations on the spaghetti Vongole (clams, white wine and plenty of garlic) or seafood pasta containing anything from mussels, calamari, clams and prawns. If you are a fan of garlic, then this is the perfect recipe for you!
  • If lasagne is usually a winner, try surprising your family with a filling made up of fish. Here you have free reign and can either go down the seafood avenue, or use similar white fish, such as haddock, cod or salmon that you may have considered for a fish pie. Either way, the béchamel sauce that is used in a traditional meat lasagne, is a perfect accompaniment to fish.
  • Go Spanish and try a Seafood Paella. This is the perfect dish for a large group getting together with the beauty of being served in one big pan so saving on the washing up!
  • If Spanish doesn’t appeal, how about an Italian Risotto? Risottos are perfect to serve to a crowd with the added bonus of being so flexible – you could serve a seafood risotto for those that enjoy shellfish as well as a smoked haddock variation for those that prefer their white fish.
  • The more travelled and sophisticated palate may enjoy a Latin American favourite – Ceviche. This is a doddle to make using fresh fish, citrus juices, chilli, garlic, diced tomatoes and other ingredients such as avocados or mangos depending on the fish. The citrus and lime juices cure the fish over a period of time. This recipe is best enjoyed with Tortilla chips or corn bread.
  • If cooked or raw fish does not appeal, then think about going Scandinavian and putting together a smorgasbord of smoked and pickled fish such as herrings, smoked salmon, gravadlax salad, prawns, smoked trout, smoked eel and so on. As these flavours can be strong, make sure you provide plenty of brown or rye bread and potato salad.
  • Not forgetting the Asian flavours, there is nothing more warming than a good old fashioned fish curry. Again, this can be cooked and enjoyed by large quantities of people and can be seasoned to taste.

In the run up to Easter and respecting the religious tradition of eating fish on Good Friday, go ahead and try a few different variations using fish. Enjoy!