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How to plant a terrace garden

No matter how small or bijoux your outside space may be whether it be a terrace, a balcony or a roof top garden, there are always ways in which you can maximise this valuable area. MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaning experts, has some tips on how to plant a terrace garden.

Seating Opportunities

Often the neatest solution to maximise a small space will be built-in seats such as a plank of green oak on top of a retaining wall, a niche carved out of a boundary hedge, a series of lockers made out of recycled pallets with cushions on top perhaps.

If you are thinking about furniture, think about setting it up off-centre perhaps to make the most of sunshine for example.


It does matter what flooring or surface you are considering. Remember it doesn’t have to expensive and can be decking, or even attractive gravel until you have saved up for something a little more permanent.

If you are laying a surface, allow for border to plant climbers in as this will help to create interest and also a pleasant fragrance. Think jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis and even roses, but these will require pruning.


If you are lucky enough to have walls around part your terrace do try and make the most of them. However, think about what you might use them for prior to planting as you may wish to wire them for the climbers.

As mentioned above, choose climbers and wall plants that have scent and remember to tie them in against the wire you have already put up.

You make wish to think about creating a feature wall, with an ornament or a cast iron picture, or a series of plants pots secured to a wall to display your kitchen garden with herbs for instance.


A small space doesn’t have to mean small plants. However, a few big pots packed with plants will have more impact than a scatter or small ones.

Think of key plants as you might pieces of art. Tree ferns and hostas are superb in slightly damp and shaded areas. Tubs and pots of daffodils, tulips and primroses are wonderfully cheerful in Spring whilst sweet peas, hydrangeas, lilies, petunias and geraniums create colourful displays during summer – some you can choose to be of the trailing variety too.


Do remember that flowers turn towards the light, so positioning them and caring for them is essential. If they are tall and leggy, they will need a little support in the form of canes.

Happy planting and enjoy the fruits of your labours!