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BBQ cleaning made easy

With milder and longer days ahead, it’s time to dig out the BBQ and make sure that it’s clean, ready and fit for action. Whilst there are numerous ways and suggestions out there on how to make BBQ cleaning easy, MOLLY MAID, the professional domestic cleaners, suggest that you start by looking at items closer to home such as vinegar, onion, lemon and beer to help with BBQ cleaning. Before embarking on using these natural items, do use a wire brush on the grill to remove the majority of debris found on the grill first.


  • Cut some chunky lemons in half and heat up the barbeque to a high temperature. Then plate some salt on a plate and dip the lemon flesh onto the salt and wipe the grill clean using plenty of elbow grease. Not only do lemons have a sterilising effect thanks to their natural acidity, but this gives off a pleasant and natural smell.


  • In similar vain to using a lemon for bbq cleaning, onion also has antibacterial properties and can be used safely to clean the grills. Heat the bbq to a high temperature, peel a couple of white onions and chop them in half. Using a skewer, simply rub half an onion across any surface that your ingredients will touch – or better still, rub the whole grill to be on the safe side. This method is good for picking up any bits left behind by the wire brush. Please do not be tempted to tuck into the onions as they cook. They are to be disposed of.


  • Start by pouring two cups of white vinegar and two cups of water into a spray bottle and shake well. Next spray the solution on the grill racks and allow to dry for about 10 minutes as this will give the solution time to get to work. Then, spray vinegar on a piece of scrunched up aluminium foil and get to work by scrubbing the grill with it. Keep reapplying the vinegar if needed. You may prefer to wipe down the grill with warm water to remove the smell.


  • Most of us have heard of the benefits of cleaning with steam and the half a mug of water in the microwave to dislodge stubborn food particles. The same is true with a bbq that had a lid. Instead of a cup, use a large roasting dish and fill with water. Then use the heat of the bbq to create steam. After a good 10 minutes, open the lid carefully and you should find that the steam has loosed some of the grime. The set about wiping this up with paper towels or if you need a more abrasive surface, try crunched up aluminium foil.

Here’s to happy and healthy barbecuing!